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I'm back and will be posting again soon.

This is just one of the many list that I have for this year.

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hard time dealing with the boss

Why do some of the boss are having a hard time accepting the fact that they commit errors too? Will that really hurts their ego or they are just trying to show that they are talented enough to commit that error?

We know it is really hard to correct or even comments about the work of the person who got a higher position than us. Or even to those persons who are senior in service  in an organization.  It feels like who are you to questions on the things that they used to do for such a long time.

We all know that sometimes, some boss tend to sign the papers without reading or understanding what they are signing. They gave  trust and confidence to the staff doing the paperworks for them. Without knowing that sometimes things are no longer right.

Some of us are  actually afraid to correct or questions things even if we know that we are  in the right position for we might offend people. Even if our intention is good it might be misinterpreted by the person concerned. And so we just let things passed and let the higher in authority find it and be the one to correct it.

But there will come to the point when you are required to correct them because your attention is called by higher authority to do it specially if material errors was previously done.  Because even simple addition and deduction were not properly done.

What should you do? How are you going to say it knowing that this particular boss got an image of not accepting correction from a person who is lower in position?  


be grateful

We know that everyone of us has our own daily struggle in life. So instead of complaining about what we are going through, why not try to focus on the good things that we have. Spreading the negative vibes will only stress us and the people around us.

The best thing that we should do is to look at all the blessings that we have. Look things the positive way. Be grateful of all the blessings that we have no matter how small or big it is.  I know it is easier to say it than to do it but we all know that we really can as long as we are positive about it.

For example, why do we need to complain about our low salary? Let's try to be grateful because we have a job that gives us income to support our family. It may not be enough to pay all our bills but compare to other people who really don't have source of income then we can say that we are indeed lucky. Now, what we can do is to try to lessen our expenses. Do not expend beyond your means.
Another one, we are always late because of the traffic. Then, why blame the traffic? Try to wake up early and go to work early then that will save you from being late. Because other people can do it then you can also do it. That will also save you from all the stress and hassle of finding the rides especially if you are using the public transportation.

Lastly, why complain about the electric bill, the water bill and all the  bills that we have that increases almost monthly. Why not be grateful that you have the luxury to enjoy those services we are paying. Just think for a while for those people who still dont have an electiricity or a good source of water for their daily needs.

Let's be positive in dealing with everything in life. Remember what Joel Osteen said, " Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you're going to live you life."


he just inspired me

It's been a while since I tried to write anything. Aside from the vey busy schedule I don't feel  writing down my thought. I got very lazy. And I don't have any inspiration to write.

But now, I feel like I want to write. It all started when my brother texted me and asked me to write the valedictory address for my nephew. At first, I felt like I can't do it. I said I don't know much about the topic because it ' s about the K to 12 program.  Honestly speaking, I got little knowledge about this program.

Then, I realized that I need to try. Internet is there to help me for the information needed anyway.
Few hours of nosebleed and headache, I did it. And so far, I was happy with the result. I immediately sent it to my brother and he was contented with it too.

Thank you brother for allowing me to do it and for the trust and confidence that you have in me. You inspired me to write again. I just hope that the eagerness in me will not leave me soon.

How about you, who inspired you to do anything lately? Care to share? 


Once upon a time

 Once upon a time,  I was fond on writing poem. Dito ko nailalabas ang lahat ng aking nararamdaman, ang sama ng aking loob, at mga hinanakit sa buhay. Karamihan ng aking composition  ay may sad theme simply because I went through a lot of pain during my younger years.  I seldom voice out my problem to other people and writing poem became my outlet to lighten up my feeling.

I actually, kept all those poem I wrote and I want to share them here.


Ang buhay ay isang pagbati at pamamaalam,
Pagbati na dapat bukal sa kalooban,
Ngunit darating ang araw dapat kang magpaalam,
Upang makamit ng iba ang kaligayahan.

Ang pamamaalam ay mahirap tanggapin,
Sa halip sumaya, sasakit ang damdamin,
Talagang ito’y napakasakit isipin,
Sana’y wala ka na kung magpapaalam din,.

Sabi nila buhay daw ay sadyang ganyan,
Kung sa araw na ito’y nasa sa’yo ang kaligayaham,
Bukas, makalawa na sa’yo naman ang kalungkutan,
Pagkat ang buhay ay isang pakikipagsapalaran.

Lahat tayo’y sadyang namamaalam,
Kahit na ito’y masakit sa kalooban,
Ngunit kailangang tanggapin ang katotohanan,
Pagkat ang sakit ay sa simula lamang.

Kahit ang sanggol sa sinapupunan,
Pagdating ng araw ay namamaalam,
Aalis at aalis sya sa kinalalagyan,
Upang ang mundo ay kanyang masilayan.

Mga bata ay aalis sa tahanan,
Iiwan ang kanilang mga magulang,
Sila ay pupunta sa paaralan,
Upang paghandaan ang kinabukasan.

May namamaalam rin sa mutyang paaralan,
Sa kanyang mga guro’t mga kaibigan,
Ito’y aalis at sila’y iiwanan,
Upang harapin ang bagong kinabukasan.

Padating naman sa pag-iibigan,
Pasasaan at isa’y mamamaalam,
Upang hanapin ang kaligayahan,
Na sa katipa’y di natagpuan.

Sa buhay ng tao, darating ang katapusan,
Babawiin na, buhay niyang hiram,
Sa mundong ibabaw siya’y mamamaalam,
Upang lasapin, buhay na walang hanggan.


How I am today?

Four and a half months after  leaving the place I considered my comfort zone, I missed a lot of things.

I missed the work that I used to to do. The early morning rush just to meet the deadlines. The never ending follow ups to make sure that everything will be okay.

I missed my colleagues. I missed the friendship that we shared. The laughter and the non stop sharing of informations and everything. The talking and the discussions of any topics.

I missed the travels that i used to do. Even if it gave a lot of headaches, it also teaches me a lot of lessons and molded me into a much better person..

And of course, I missed the pay and all the allowances that I used to receive monthly.

But those things were just part of history. For in every decision that we made, we really need to face all the consequences. I am just so glad for all the things that happened to me. 

One thing that I am sure right now, I am not stress, I am not haggard and less worried compared before.

It is true indeed that if one door closes, there will also another door or window that will be open for you. God is great and I am so greatful for all the blessings that He showered upon me.


The Confession of Eds

Hey everyone! i' m back here in the blogosphere, and i feel like i owe some explanation for not updating here for very looooong time. I know there are lot of things that i missed here. 

But of course, i'll try my very best to catch up with you guys. There are just some personal reasons that hindered me from writing online. But it doesn't mean that i stop from writing whats on my mind and in my heart. There are certain things that really not meant to be shared online. Like negative vibes that need to be kept away just not to spread them to others. 

Life became so complicated for me. Work tested my patient and ate all my time and energy. And it turned out that even in giving all the best at my work is not enough. I did not get the promotion that i eyed for despite and inspite all the hardwork and loyalty given at work. Even worse, witnessing how the management fired those superior without due process only because they don't like them personally or have someone in their mind to replace them in the position.

Those events became an eye opener for me. Things that made me realized that i really need to do something about my future. Things that wake me up and made me decide to quit and look for some alternative outside the place i considered my home for almost ten years, a place i considered as my comfort zone.

I know it is not still too late to start my career and build for the future of my family. I just need to accept everything positively and trust God for He will not give me trials beyond my capacity.

I'm back!

Hello everyone. I'm back and will be posting again soon. This is just one of the many list that I have for this year. That's ...