realization for the week!

I miss lurking at plurk. I can’t even manage to open it lately and I think my karma goes down again.

I seldom go online lately. After work or during break time I find myself reading books that I borrowed from my sister. And kinikilig na naman ako reading love stories. hehehe

Busy schedules and urgent works made me burnt out and I want to unwind. Thanks God it’s already Friday today. Later this afternoon I am going to attend a birthday party. Yeheeeey……..

Happy weekend everyone!

security first!

When I was still in my hometown, I do not even bother about our home security. Although we do not live in a concrete house then and that our neighbor is around ½ kilometer away from us I felt really secure. The whole community seems to care for everyone. People seem to know the names of all the people in our community. It seems like everybody is a relative or treat each in everyone like they are a family. It was a very peaceful community indeed.

But now that I am here living in the city, the situation is totally different. People seem to be busy all the time earning money for their living. Some people don’t even know the names of their neighbors. Sometimes people do not even bother to care for other people and they only think of themselves. People are no longer at peace to leave home unattended. Robbers are just around the corner but you do not know who they are.

In our subdivision, our home security systems are on the experimental stage. We are still in the initial planning on how we can maintain the peace and order in our place. There are homeowners who suggested on having a Home Security Surveillance System. We are taking one step at a time. Solving the problems we encountered one by one. But we put security on a priority list.


i don't understand!

☻I don’t understand why all of a suddenly all my assignments seemed to be urgent. One of my colleagues even asked, bakit ba parang lagi nalang tayong nasusunugan? I have to render overtime even without pay because I can’t really make it to the deadline. And I don’t want to be the one to blame when the projects got delayed.

☻I don’t understand why there are people who only see the mistakes and not the right things that other people have done. And when you try to explain to them, they become very defensive as if you are trying to attack them.

☻I don’t understand why there are people who are selfish and doesn’t want so share even the thing that is really not her own. It is an office property that she should share among us in the department. Worst thing is I know that she brought home the same thing few years ago. And when she got the chance to grab that “specific thing” having the same model and specs with the one she brought home before, she fought for it and said that she really needs it. Then, we discovered that other supplies connected with that “specific thing” disappeared/runs out of stock so fast. Kaloka talaga! Because I discovered and saw her bringing home those supplies. And lately she keeps on pestering us especially when she needs supplies needed for that “special thing”. *sigh*

☻I don’t understand why there are people who do not know where to stand. Work and personal matters must be a separate thing. This couple used to work in our office and at the same floor. I just don’t understand why this man seems to make “pakialam” in his wife’s work. That sometimes it affects the quality of work of his wife. And he doesn’t even want her to join us in any activity outside the office. There are times when I said to my officemate, “sana hindi ka na lang pinagtrabaho ng mister mo”. I know I am bad. But who will not get mad when her duties and responsibilities are added to my workload.

☻oh boy! I really don’t understand. But those situations made me loss my temper lately.

And this made her happier!

When I was in college, I found it so difficult to understand calculus despite the fact that I really like math subject. I even don’t have my own calculus book then. I only borrowed from our school library simply because I tried to prioritized books for my major subjects. It was really so hard to be a working student because I can’t afford to buy all the books required.

Now that I am already working, I used to have colleagues who have children in college and they also said that their kids are having the hard time understanding and answering those questions in calculus. I told them to have a book that will really help their kids understand it. Just lately when we are sorting out our books for donation I found one calculus book and said to my officemate, “here bring it home to your son and it will really help him understand calculus more”. And she said, “thank you. He really asked me for this book”.

Two days after that incident, I accidentally stumbled to a site that offers Calculus help. And I was so happy to inform my officemate that this site will really help her kids because it offers a Calculus tutor online or even a Precalculus and Precalculus help are being offered by this site and are available 24/7. They even provide free demo service for the first time user. Sounds great, right?

With that good news I made my officemate happier.


i feel comfortable here!

Another July celebrant, caryn of sari-saring kulay is having a contest on her blog. Caryn, happy birthday to you. I wish you all the best.

She is giving away awesome prizes and I can’t resist myself from joining.

the prizes:

1 - a shirt

4 - the grand prize tata-da-dan-ta-da-dan... a shirt, a japanese knot bag, and a book cover

the mechanics:

to join this contest, all you have to do is write a short entry about your favorite space and why you like it. it can be anything --- a part of your home, a small stopover on your way to work, your favorite toilet, your worktable, or a place that relaxes you.

Here’s for my favorite space: our room!

My daily routine is just home-office-home. I can’t afford to make tambay to any other place right now. Dala ng pangangailangan eh! Hehehe

This room might not as big as yours but this is my favorite space. After a tiring and stressful day at work, I find peace in this place. This is the space at home that I feel more comfortable.

Now, what’s your favorite place/space? Dare to share?

I’m hoping to be seen on a Direct TV!

During the Run for Peace held last year in line with our 15th year anniversary, the husband was so lucky enough that he was able to join. Actually, I really wanted to be part of it but it was too early that he left the house at around 1 o’clock in the morning because the event started at exactly 4 o’clock in the morning.

All who joined the fun run were very happy. They were all smiles in front of the flashing cameras and they were seen on a Direct TV since a lot of media networks covered that event.

They were able to met celebrities too. Happiness! I had regrets for not joining them in that event. So, for this year I am really hoping to be part of it and experience and wish to be seen on a Directv too.

But I just wonder if activities like this can be viewed in a Direct TV in New York. It would be really fun to share such fun/celebration with other people around the world.

And I am crossing my fingers here, hoping that I will be able to be part of another round of fun run this coming September. Wish me luck people!


requital: make them happy!

I am what I am and where I am today because of the generosity of some kind souls around me. And I am so thankful for that.

These people did not ask me for anything in return. And I think the best thing that I can do for them as requital to all the kindness that they’ve done to me is to be in their side in times of their needs as well as remembering them during special occasions like birthday, Valentines day, Christmas season, etc.

During my free time I also tried my best to see them personally. Sometimes I bring K.A. with me so they will be able to play with her too and of course to be able for K.A. to know and familiarized the faces of all the people that are close to my heart.

Simple things indeed but it means a lot for them. Showing them that they are always remembered makes them happy.

this is my entry to witsandnuts birthday and blogoversary giveaway!


my dream as a mom

To dream anything that you want to dream.
That’s the beauty of the human mind.
To do anything that you want to do.
That is the strength of the human will.
To trust yourself to test your limits.
That is the courage to succeed.
~Bernard Edmonds~

You already know how proud I am of my pretty little angel-K.A. As she grows older everyday, she never fails to amaze me. She keeps me inspired to strive harder.

And as a mom, I really want to give her everything she needs and everything she wants. I do not want her to experience any of those “not-so-good” experiences that hubby and I went through.

I want to nurture her with so much love and care. I want her to grow up as a lady with sharp mind, a God-fearing soul and a loving heart. I really want her to have all the best things that world has to offer-the health, the wealth, the beauty, the success and happiness all throughout her life.

And that’s my dream as a mom. To be the best mother in the eyes of my little angel-K.A.

***This is my entry to little miss firefly final anniversary giveaway!


KA’s top five kapamilya TV shows

KA got her addiction on TV from her father. They can actually stay watching TV all day long. Unlike me I prefer music than TV. Mas may time kasi ako magtrabaho kapag sounds lang.

There are children/cartoon shows and other TV shows that she loves to watch from the Kapamilya Network, Kapuso Network and from ABC 5. I still have to ask my sister for the correct title of those TV shows from GMA & ABC because I am not so familiar. Sila kasi madalas magkasama eh. For now, here are her top 5 kapamilya TV shows:

Mr Bean. Before taking her midmorning nap she’ll gonna watch first Mr Bean. You cannot force her to go to sleep without watching it. Ewan ko, pero tuwang-tuwa syang panoorin si Mr. Bean. After the show she will be the one to turn off the TV and she will sleep. Automatic na yan!

image via

Wowowee. Upon waking up from her midmorning nap she will ask her tita to turn on the TV and she will watch Wowowee. She knows how to dance the giling-giling. Favorite nya rin si Willie but she calls him Wowowee not Willie. Everytime KA hears Willie’s song she will say Wowowee. One day, she saw one of Willie’s billboards along Commonwealth Avenue and she said, “Mama, wowowee oh”.
image via

May Bukas Pa. Of course, we will not go to sleep until the program is over. She knows that after the news her favorite Santino will follow. Hindi mo sya maloloko. She knows the time. She even knows if the program is over or it is only a commercial break.

image via

Singing Bee. During weekends syempre hindi rin sya nawawalan ng favorite shows. She knows and calls Cesar Montano as singing bee. Lol. She loves music that’s why she loves singing bee. She used to enjoy watching myx before but since we still don’t have a cable connection in our new home eh nagtitiyaga na muna sya sa singing bee and she likes it naman.

image via

Going Bulilit. KA as a silly little girl loves this show. Kakarelate sya eh. She loves to laugh together with the kids of going bulilit.

image via

There are times that I thought of letting KA enter the showbiz. What you think guys? Ambisyosa ko noh? Hehehe. Uhmmm… time will tell and we will give KA the chance to decide on what she wants to be. She is a smart girl anyway.

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