Thanks God it’s Friday again today. It’s a long weekend again. Yahoooooooo! Three more days left for the month of August and ber months are finally here. In few more days, I will be celebrating my birthday. Tatanda na naman ako!

But aside from that, there are also things that really made me happy this week. Last Monday, I won for the first time at the birthday giveaway/raffle hosted by the girl with the curl. See, sa dami ng nasalihan kong raffle, ngayon lang ako nakatikim ng panalo. Sarap pala talaga ng feeling lalo na at yong prize na gusto kong makuha ang talagang napunta sa akin. Maraming salamat sayo Ms. J.

Also, the books that I ordered from the Avalon.ph arrived yesterday.

I have two new books to read this long weekend. It’s my first time to buy using my paypal money. Sarap ng feeling! Redlan, maraming salamat kung hindi dahil sa tulong mo hindi magkakaroon ng laman ang paypal ko.

Hey friends, would you like also to share the things that make you happy this week?


Tao...bakit ka ganyan?

Tayong lahat ay sadyang tao lamang,
Na nakakagawa ng mga kamalian,
Subalit bakit kapwa mo ay iyong sinisiraan,
At di inisip na siya’y marunong ding masaktan.

Bakit mo ba ginagawa ‘yan sa iyong kapwa?
Gayong ayaw mo ring gawin ito sa’yo ng iba,
Di mo ba naiisip na siya’y napapahiya?
Ng dahil lamang sa iyong paninira.

Isipin mong ikaw…ako…tayong lahat ay tao,
At tayong lahat merong isip at puso,
Subalit bakit mo hinuhusgahan ang kanyang pagkatao,
Gayong wala kang batayan kung ito nga ay totoo.

Ano ba ang kanyang naging kasalanan?
Bakit mo hinuhusgahan ang kanyang katauhan?
Naiinggit ka ba sa kanyang kagandahan?
Tao…bakit…bakit ka nga ba ganyan?


Organizing my database system!

I love dealing with different kind of personality. I am thrilled.

For the past four years of my stay here in my current work, I already established my contacts. I already created my own database. And I am trying to segregate them via different category.

I already labeled some as our consumer mailing lists or our regular contacts. They are our partners in almost all of our projects. They are people who help us in implementing our projects on the ground.

I also created my list brokers or our regular bidders. In purchasing supplies and materials or any transactions that involve large amount of money, we are required to have three canvasses and having that list of bidders is a big help.

Another list that I created is our marketing list or our contacts when we need venues for different activities.

But aside from work related database that I already created, I also have for my personal contacts. I started writing them when my first sim card was blocked that I almost lost all of their numbers. Now, whatever happens I still have a back-up.

I know I still have to know a better way in organizing my database. Can anyone help me on this? I’m so happy to learn more!



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►I am emotionally disturbed. No matter how I tried my best not to think of other people’s problem and just concentrate on my life, I really can’t ignore them. They are people close to my heart and their problems affect me. I don’t want to see them lonely. This is the times that I really wish to have a magical power to grant their wishes and make them happy ever after.

►I had my haircut a week ago for three reasons. First, I am stressed and fixing my long hair seems to be an added burden for me. Second, I am always in a hurry every morning and having a long hair makes me stay long in taking a bath. And third, I want to save shampoo and conditioner.

►I am a little bit sad because all the chic literature books I am eyeing to buy online were already out of stock. *sigh* I am suppose to order those yesterday. Now, I don’t know how long it will take to see those books available again.

►I already feel that Christmas is in the air and I am very excited about it. I already saw few houses along my way home yesterday having a Christmas decorations. I can’t wait to buy my own Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations at home. And I can imagine how happy my daughter will be seeing lighted Christmas lights again.

►I am silently praying to be included in the travel in Iloilo City or in Bacolod City this coming September. Since I started working here in the office in 2005, I only traveled once to Cebu City last 2006. Although I was offered to travel few times in 2007-2008, I declined them because I am feeling guilty to leave my daughter in her nanny even in a single night. And now that she is old enough and my sister is the one taking care of her, I think this is the time that I really have to consider traveling again. So, Bro can you hear me? Santino I mean Santina is here. Lol.

►I am a registered voter now. After 64 years of being a bad citizen I mean 12 years of not exercising my right to vote, I made a decision to go back to the COMELEC office and registered. At the age of 17, I got frustrated when my first employer did not permit me to go out to register and vote during the SK election in 1996 when my constituents pushed me to run for a SK Kagawad. (Anyway, I won but I did not occupy my seat.) When I was 18 years old I really don’t want to register and vote. I’m in Manila already and no one among the family is trying to push me to do it. But when I reached 21 years old, I went to COMELEC in Quezon City with some of my officemates and tried to register but they don’t want to accommodate us for some reasons that I really don’t understand. And I never attempted to register again until such time that we transfer to another place where we currently live. I want to be a good citizen of the Republic of the Philippines now and I’ll go out and will vote for the first time this coming 2010 elections.

Quote of the day

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