happy birthday bhe2k!

Today is your birthday.

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a loving husband to me and a responsible father to our daughter.

I am so lucky to have you in my life.

I wish you all the happiness that life could offer, good health and many more years to come.

Happy Birthday to you Bhe2k. I love you so much!


over the top award!

I got another award from a very sweet blogger friend. Thank you so much kayni for this sweet blog award.

1. To receive this award your blog must be exceptional in design and content; presenting us with new knowledge, a sense of style, or at times just giving us a smile!

2. Each recipient of the award will acknowledge (through a link) the person who honored them with the award.

Now, if you are in my blogroll, please feel free to grab this award. I'm passing this to all of you friends because your blog is over the top!

shopping made easy!

September is our foundation month and in line with that we have series of activities that mandated everyone to join. We have run and bike for peace and many other activities that will be held during that celebration. And since September is a busy month for us at work, we need to buy shoes that will suit the occasion. A good biking shoes and running shoes for all of us who will join the main event are required.

Good thing is shopping nowadays really made easier. You can just seat down, browse an online shop and look for your desired product. It’s hassle free. No more waiting in the line to pay at the cashier, no more traffic and no more sweat at all.

So every time, you think of buying clothes or shoes for a special occasion try to consider shopping them online. Check if they are available on any online store and if they are cheaper and more convenient than to buy them in the shopping malls.


happy father's day!

to my hubby, to my father, to my father-in-law and to all the fathers, happy father's day!


Quick updates!

I’ve been to sick ville again. It all started last weekend. While my sister went home, I took charge of the household choir and the baby sitting.

I got so tired; my body does not seem to cooperate. I had sore throat, and suddenly got a fever on Sunday evening and I chilled. I decided to rest on Monday hoping that the fever will go past. But I chilled again on Monday evening. That made my hubby to panic because I haven’t experienced such thing before. He decided then that we better see a doctor on Tuesday morning just to make sure that swine flu doesn’t hit me. Good thing that the doctor said it was an ordinary flu and I just have to take enough rest. Take some vitamins and plenty of water.

But problem doesn’t ends there. Because as I started feeling better, my daughter started to get fever as well. Her body temperature reached 39.3 degree Celsius. The highest fever she ever had. That made us panicked again. We had to be awake for the whole night to look after her, gave her medicines and wiped her with lukewarm water.

Times like this make me feel sad and wish na sana sa akin nalang lahat ng sakit na nararamdaman ng anak ko. Dobleng hirap kasi kapag sya ang maysakit.

I’m feeling much better now. I still have cough but no more fever. But my daughter still has a fever pero medyo konti nalang. Sana soon gumaling na rin sya.

For the meantime, please bear with me and allow me to fully recover first from this situation. I know I owe you a blog visit. I’ll catch up as soon as I can.

Happy weekend everyone!


Santino, is that you?

Nabanggit ko na ba sainyo na ako at si KA ay avid viewer ng “May Bukas Pa” teleserye? And that KA knows and will not go to sleep hangga’t hindi pa natatapos ang programa.

Last night KA gave me a good laughed. During commercial break, I decided to brush my teeth first para sabay na kaming matulog. Medyo napagod rin kasi ako kahapon. Hindi ko namalayan sumunod pala sya sa akin. At biglang tumigil sa may tapat ng dingding ng may makitang ipis. Kala ko matatakot, pero hindi pala. Ginaya nya si Santino (yong kapag nagdarasal sya). Sabay sabing, “Bro, may bukas pa”. Nagulat talaga ako at napahagikhik ng tawa. Tumingin sya sa akin at muling nagdasal. Sabi nya, “Bro, love ko mama ko”.

Grabe hindi ko talaga expected yon. Nakakagulat at nakakataba ng puso . My daughter is very smart and I really love her.


oodles of goodles birthday giveaway!

Glenville of oodles and goodles is holding a birthday giveaway contest that’s open to anyone who would like to join.

She is giving away awesome prizes and I can’t resist myself from joining.

Up for grabs:
1. Nighty Night! and Hello Morning! handmade and natural linen sprays from Life Amulets‘ Relaxation and Attention lines;
2. One Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook;
3. Handmade notecard goodies from the
Paper Atelier shop.
The Rules:
1. I am fond of collecting nice quotes and I keep a written journal of those I particularly like. Post a beautiful quote - it can be from a book, a poem, a speech, a comic strip, from anywhere - on your blog and provide a linkback to this blog on your quote post;
2. A photo is nice for impact and emphasis but not required;
3. Leave a comment in the comments section of this post to indicate that you’ve joined;
4. You have until June 15, 2009 12:00 midnight (+0800 GMT) to post your quotes;
5. One winner will get all three prizes above, two runners-up will get one Life Amulets fragrance + one handmade notecards package each. I will ship within ten days of the June 15 deadline;
6. All winners will be drawn via
random.org in this order: Runner-Up No. 1, Runner Up No. 2 and Grand Prize Winner.

Here are my favorite quotes for the day:

True generosity requires more of us than kindly impulse.
Above all it requires imagination --
the capacity to see people in all their perplexities and needs,
and to know how to expend ourselves effectively for them.
~~I.A.R Wylie~~

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.
Happiness is the spiritual experience
of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.
~~Denis Waitely~~

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
~~Mother Teresa~~

So, what are you waiting for? Do share your favorite quote and have a chance to win those prizes.


goodbye, paopao!

It was only last year when hubby brought home a very cute little puppy. We were all very happy then. Even K.A. got so excited the first time she saw him and gave him a name. It was our first pet at home. And at the same time, that was part of our preparation as we move to our new home.
But with the bad weather for the past few days, he got sick. And sad to say, Paopao passed away this morning.

Though I rarely play and spend time with him, I’m still really sad. He was part of our family already. He and Siber are really a big help to us. They guarded our home day and night.

Will gonna miss you paopao. And I’m sure your friend siber will miss you a lot too.

Bye, paopao!


thank you very much Jo!

It was last week, at the middle of my very busy and problematic schedule when a surprised package from Abu Dhabi arrived.

I was so excited and opened it right away. I almost forgot that I am betting my deadlines.

Here’s what I got:
OMG, I can’t believe that I finally have a copy of a new moon and eclipse books. Not only one but two of my wishes were granted. It really made me very happy.

Jo, I know I can’t thank you enough for these. You are so kind and generous. And I must thank God that He lead me to find a friend like you here in the blogosphere.

Thank you so much Jo. May God continue to shower you with more blessings so you can continue to make other people happy.

Quote of the day

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