thank you very much Jo!

It was last week, at the middle of my very busy and problematic schedule when a surprised package from Abu Dhabi arrived.

I was so excited and opened it right away. I almost forgot that I am betting my deadlines.

Here’s what I got:
OMG, I can’t believe that I finally have a copy of a new moon and eclipse books. Not only one but two of my wishes were granted. It really made me very happy.

Jo, I know I can’t thank you enough for these. You are so kind and generous. And I must thank God that He lead me to find a friend like you here in the blogosphere.

Thank you so much Jo. May God continue to shower you with more blessings so you can continue to make other people happy.


RedLan said...

Lahat ng wishes natutupad. You are lucky to receive them early and fast. (Happiness!)

RedLan said...

Ang sagot sa tanong mo is Yes.

RedLan said...

napacool naman ng bago mong template. i like it

kg said...

naku, ang bait talaga ni jo! spread the twilight fever tlaga ang dra,a nya! sige na, start reading na! :)

witsandnuts said...

You're welcome. =)

jeanny said...

daming sweet people sa blogosphere at isa na si Wits jan.


Kayni said...

what a wonderful surprise =). enjoy them.

sheng said...

Oh enjoy them, read them na before you watch New Moon.

I am glad you are back to blogging again and has given updates about your life...

Anonymous said...

huwaw! lucky you! masarap talaga may fairy godmother ano? :) ahehehe... reward yan para sa hard work. enjoy! :) tamang-tama... maulan ang panahon. masarap magbasa ng libro. :D

escape said...

so so lucky!!! thanks to your friend jo. blogging goes beyond cyber chatting.

princess_dyanie said...

mabait talaga yang si jo! basahin mo na new moon! sa nov may movie na yan! :)

Eds said...

@redlan: korek! happiness to the nth power.

hawig mo sya redlan kaya ko natanong.

hehehe. thank you! medyo nababagot na ko sa template ko kaya medyo experiment muna. bukas makalawa baka magpalit na naman ako.

@kg: hehehe. addict na rin ako sa twilight. bait ni jo noh!

@witsandnuts: maraming-maraming salamat uli ha.

@jeanny: ikaw din naman ah, sweet! salamat sistah.

@kayni: thanks kayni!

@sheng: oo nga eh. tamang-tamang before ang showing on new moon eh tapos ko na rin basahin ang mga ito.

@bursky: salamat bursky. ambait ni fairy godmother sa akin. ayaw nya ko makitang malungkot.

@dongho: true! true!

@princess_dyanie: bait nya, super! siguro mga dec pa yan sa atin showing. tamang-tama tapos ko na to pareho by that time.

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