merry christmas 2010!

Friends, may you have a wonderful christmas. I wish you guys that whatever your grand wish for this christmas season will comes true.
Merry Christmas to all! Thank you friends. *mwuah*


Randon things that I like and I don't like

This meme sounds fun so I asked permission from prinsesa musang that I am going to grab and do this. Thanks a lot PM.

Here are the random things that I like and I don’t like:

I like:

1. I like my husband.
2. I like my daughter.
3. I like my family.
4. I like reading novels especially those written by Sidney Sheldon, Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coelho and Stephanie Meyer.
5. I like chocolate.
6. I like surprises.
7. I like ice cream.
8. I like cake.
9. I like flowers.
10. I like spicy food.
11. I like going to work early.
12. I like bags.
13. I like shoes.
14. I like notebook.
15. And of course, I like all my blogger friends.
I don’t like:

1. I don’t like migraine.
2. I don’t like being pestered.
3. I don’t like worms.
4. I don’t like mosquitoes.
5. I don’t like horror movies.
6. I don’t like plastic people.
7. I don’t like poor web connection.
8. I don’t like bagoong.
9. I don’t like cigarette smoke.
10. I don’t like abusive people.


November 2010: inspirational quotes

The hard must become habit.
The habit must become easy.
The easy must become beautiful.
~Doug Henning~

Who is the happiest of men? He who values the merits of others, and in their pleasure takes joy, even as though 'twere his own.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe~

In the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small
~John F. Kennedy~

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
~Stephen Hawking~

In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.
~Flora Edwards~

Twenty years from now you will be more
disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So
throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in
your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
~Mark Twain~

I refuse to allow a disability to determine how I live my life.
~Christopher Reeve~

The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.
~Leonard Nimoy~

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light
can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ~

Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.
~W. Clement Stone ~

Do not allow yourself or others to be defined by your limitations,
but rather, abilities.
~Eric Duquette ~

If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy.
~Ancient Proverb~

My religion is kindness.
~Dalai Lama~

We learn what we have said from those who listen to our speaking.
~Kenneth Patton~

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their
~Eleanor Roosevelt~

A person can achieve everything by being simple and humble.
~Rig Veda~

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
~Native American Proverb~

Action expresses priorities.

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and
methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.

He who should inspire and lead his race must be defended from travelling with the
souls of other men, from living, breathing, reading, and writing in the daily,
time-worn yoke of their opinions.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through
devotion, to something beyond himself.
~Henry Miller~

Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness.
It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.
~Helen Keller~

Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?
~Martin Luther King, Jr.~

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
~Jimmy Dean~

We can do no great things, only small things with great love.
~Mother Teresa~

You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself.
~Harvey S. Firestone~

My own experience about all the blessings I've had in my life is that the more I give
away, the more that comes back. That is the way life works, and that is the way
energy work.
~Ken Blanchard~

Just as we cannot blame others for destroying the environment, so we cannot look to others to protect the environment. Responsibility for both begins at home.
~Paul Griss~

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
~James Bryant Conant~


just for laugh

I just want to share to you the email that I received which made me laugh.
And I hope that it will make you laugh too.

Don't compare your life to others'.
You have no idea what their journey is all about.

Have a blessed Sunday friends!


Random rants on a Saturday morning

*I thought I am just going to stay home today.

*But my boss requested me yesterday to report to work today.

*And so whether I like it or not and even without pay, I am oblige to do what the boss wants.

*As early as 8 o’clock, I am here in the office but the boss is not yet around.

*I do not know what time he will arrive.

*So for the meantime, I’ll visit your blog and read your updates.

See yah!


plan for the weekend

Yeah! It’s Friday once again. And one more good news Monday is a holiday so it’s a long weekend. *cheers*

I do not have any scheduled trip this weekend so I am just going to stay home. Spend some quality time with my daughter. I’ll do some general cleaning. Read some books. And if the means permit me to do so, I am going to buy new shoes for myself.

What are you going to do this long weekend?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


random thoughts on a Monday!

* I am supposed to be in Bacolod today.
* But my boss decided to cancel my trip last Friday.
* Though, it made me a little bit sad, I know God has a reason for everything.
* Yesterday, my daughter got sick and I thank God that my out of town trip was cancelled.
* Because I can’t work away from home knowing that my beloved daughter is not feeling well.
* I wake up early this morning and checked her temperature.
* She still has a fever.
* But hopefully, she gets well soon.

* Happy Monday everyone!


quick note!

Hi guys,

I know I owe you some updates. I’ve been very busy lately and I don’t even have time to bloghop. So, please bear with me. I promise to give you some updates on what’s really happening here as soon as I have time.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Hugs & kisses


My favorite quote for the day!

Oh, it’s Monday once again.

And one quote which became my favorite for today is:

“Luck is believing you’re lucky.”
~Tennessee Williams~

Happy Monday everyone. May this week gives luck to all of us!


a twenty questions tag!

I just snagged this tag from Kayni. I think this one will help me de-stress. So, here goes my answer.

But first, here's the rule:
Remove 1 question from the list below, and add your own personal question to make it a total of 20 questions. Tag 8 people, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. At what age do/did you wish to marry?
* I did not wish for any age to get married. It just happened. Meganon!

2. What color do you like most?
* I like blue the most but this time I slowly falling in love with color red. Wala lang! I am just feeling so down and believe that red will somehow uplift my spirit.

3. If you can have a superpower, what would it be?
* I want to have the ability to grant everyone’s wish. Para lahat masaya

4. If you can travel anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?
* I want to go to Parish and Switzerland.

5. Which part of you that you love the most?
* oh…oh… pwede bang secret nalang. Hehehe. Sige na nga! Eyes nalang.

6. When you get sad, what do you do?
* I just sleep or cry kapag talagang di na kaya.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
* Of course, any of the people I love.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do with the money?
* I’ll invest for my daughter’s education, help my family, donate to some of the less fortunate people I know and buy everything that I want.

9. What do you love the most last year (2009)?
* Finally, moving into our own house.

10. How did you get your name?
* I do not know where my mother got my name. The only explanation that I know is that, she decided to pick a name for us girls that have 4 letters and 5 letters for the boys.

11. What is the moment you regret most?
* Not taking the board exam before it’s too late. *huhuhu*

12. What type of person do you hate the most?
* plastic & arrogant

13. What is your greatest asset?
* Uhmmm… meron ba ako non? May gulay! Doh! I think my love and loyalty to my family & friends.

14. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
* Just good health for me and my family. Then, everything will follow.

15. How did you celebrate the New Year last year?
*Watching fireworks display in our subdivision.

16. Name the one body part your hubby or significant other tells you he adores.
* Kailangan pa bang e memorize yan! Hehehe. Joke lang. wala syang sinasabi eh.

17. What are you looking forward to this year?
* To recover from all the financial crisis that I am going through. Nakakapagod na kaya! Sana manalo na ako sa lotto! Sana manalo na ako sa lotto! Sana manalo na ako sa lotto! Hehehe

18. Anything in your life that you wish weren't so awful?
* My career? Uhmmm…wala naman akong career eh.

19. What's the shallowest thing you intend to do this year?
* travel to my hometown and eat native chicken everyday.

20. What is your motto in life?
* Do not do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you!

Yeah! I did it. I did it. Parang nagsasagot ako ng slumbook eh.

Guys if you want to do this tag, just feel free to snag and let me know so I can read your answers too.


October 2010: Inspirational Quotes!

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with
nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.
~Alfred Austin~

Let the beauty we love become the good we do.
~Rumi ~

Food is medicine, medicine is food

Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.
~Albert Camus~

To do two things at once is to do neither.
~Publilius Syrus~

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.

"Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions."
~Harold S. Geneen~

The adventure of the hero is the adventure of being alive.
~Joseph Campbell~

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of
the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
~Henry Brooks Adams~

The whale is endangered, while the ant continues to do just fine.
~Bill Vaughn~

It is only through courage, persistence, hope and love that we can start saving lives together.
~The Flood Sisters~

Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side.
~The Talmud~

Happy people learn that happiness, like sweat, is a by-product of activity.
~Frank Pittman III~

If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative.
~Author Unknown~

If you are what you eat, and you don't know what you're eating, do you
know who you are?

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
~Douglas Adams~

If there is any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not deter
or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.
~William Penn~

A racing mind that reacts sensitively to little things indicates thinking that has
lost its spiritual strength. Meditation restores that power.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith
and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.
Remember all things are possible for those who believe
~Gail Devers~

We can create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer world by making
wiser energy choices.
~Robert Alan~

Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.
~Jack Brown~

A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.
~Henry David Thoreau~

There can be little doubt that a certain amount of corporate philanthropy is simply good business and works for the long-term benefit of the investors.
~John Mackey~

The time is always right to do what is right.
~Martin Luther King Jr.~

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.
~Pierre Corneille~

Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good action; try to use ordinary
~Jean Paul Richter~

Compassion automatically invites you to relate with people because you no longer regard people as a drain on your energy.
~Chogyam Trungpa~

What is a soul? It's like electricity - we don't really know what it is, but
it's a force that can light a room.
~Ray Charles~

We rely upon artists to articulate what most of us can only feel in joy and sorrow. Whenever I feel my courage wavering I rush to them. They will give me the wisdom of acceptance, the will and resilience to push on.
~Helen Hayes~


Happy Halloween!

What fearful shapes and shadows beset his path,
amidst the dim and ghastly glare of a snowy night!
With what wistful look did he eye
every trembling ray of light streaming across the
waste fields from some distant window!
How often was he appalled by some shrub covered with
snow, which, like a sheeted specter, beset his very path!
How often did he shrink with curdling awe
at the sound of his own steps
on the frosty crust beneath his feet;
and dread to look over his shoulder,
lest he should behold some uncouth
being tramping close behind him!
and how often was he thrown
into complete dismay by some rushing blast,
howling among the trees,
in the idea that it was the Galloping Hessian
on one of his nightly scouring!
~Washington Irving (a quote from "The Legend of Sleep Hollow")~

Happy Halloween guys! And for those who will travel, stay safe. God Bless.


just another reason to be happy today!

...is an answered request.

Yes, finally I got a copy of an ebook of “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger. I really wanted to read this book but when I checked at the second hand bookstore, this is not available.

Yesterday, in my desperation to have a copy, I asked my friends in Facebook if they have an eBook. At hindi ako nagkamali, somebody granted my wish. Thank you very much Mam L. You made me happy.

How about you, what made you happy today?


reading, reading, reading

…and that’s keeping me busy.

I seldom go online because of some challenges that came into my life but I don’t want to write here.

Books & eBooks became my daily companion. They served as my outlet to move on. And just for a month, I was able to read 4 Sidney Sheldon’s books - Rage of Angels, The Best Laid Plans, Nothing Last Forever & The Stars Shine Down; 1 Mitch Albom book – Have a Little Faith; 1 Nicholas Sparks book – True Believer and 5 Ruth Ann Nordin eBooks.

There are still lots of books in my drawer and eBooks in my desktop. I am just so glad because my friends lend me some of those books to me. And I just downloaded those eBooks for free.

Now, what books would you like to recommend me to read?


photo: 36/365

8 Random Things I learned from staying in the hospital

Have presence of mind. During emergency cases, our initial reaction is to panic. But it is very much important to have presence of mind. We need to think clearly; otherwise the patient itself will worry a lot too.

Be strong. In my case, which is my first time to accompany a patient to be admitted at the hospital, my initial reaction is that I was very nervous – 1) because I am afraid of blood and when I think of hospital the next thing that will come out of my mind is blood 2) because I don’t feel comfortable at the hospital. The scent of medicines usually makes me feel drowsy and uneasy and 3) because I do not have cash at hand that time. But I need to be strong because I know that my daughter is really looking up to me and seeing me weak will only make her feel weak too.

Make your patient happy. It is important to keep your patient happy to make him/her forget that he/she is sick even for a while. Keeping them happy will actually help them recover more quickly.

Be attentive. Check and ask the nurse what he/she is going to inject in your patient. In fairness to the hospital where KA was confined, the nurses there always made sure that the watcher is aware of the things that they are doing to the patient. They even woke up those watchers when they fall asleep before injecting anything to the patient.

Always ask questions for clarification. If there’s something that bothers you or your patient or if the hospital staff doesn’t explain to you what’s happening and what will likely to happen next, then ask them questions for you to get clarified. Don’t be afraid and feel shy because in the end they will charge you some professional fee for the doctor and even for those nurses attending to your patient.

Demand for what is due to you. From my own experience, nurses don’t bother to give me a copy of all the laboratory test results made to my daughter. They just informed me that the platelets count is still low and on the following day my daughter need to have another CBC test .Though I do not know how to interpret those results; I know I need to keep a copy at hand. Besides, I paid for it so I demanded to have a copy of everything.

Choose a place where you & your patient will feel comfortable. It is important that you and your patient will feel comfortable. In our case, we only stayed at the pediatric ward. But I know it was a right choice – financially and emotionally speaking. The parents of some of the patients in that ward taught me some lessons. They shared their experiences as a parent and how they handle things when their kids got sick. Having them around actually comforted me and my daughter. And that even made me realized that I am indeed fortunate for having a healthy family.

Filing a direct claim from philhealth gives you a much bigger claim. On using your Philhealth benefit, you can choose whether you want the hospital to deduct it from your bill or for you to file it directly to the Philhealth office. I learned that you can actually avail a much bigger claim when you do a direct filing rather than allowing the hospital to deduct it from your bill and for them to claim refund from Philhealth. But of course, it takes time before you can claim your money from Philhealth. Usually, it takes 1 ½ to 2 months before they release your check.


happy weekend!

Yes, it's Friday once again and tomorrow is another rest day. Thanks God for everything.

Guys, this is a very nice reminder for all of us:


happy weekend everyone!

photo: 35/365


In my more than 3 decades of existence, I never ever dreamt of working in a hospital. And don’t ever dream of being in the medical field. I am afraid seeing fresh blood as well as people who passed away. I was once offered a scholarship to take midwifery but I immediately said NO. Luckily, nobody force me to pursue it. My heart is really not into it but I do admire the courage and the dedication of those persons working in the hospital especially the doctors and the nurses who devoted their life in serving people in need.

Anyway, as much as I hate going to the hospital, there are some circumstances that can’t be avoided. One thing for sure, I am going to face everything and forget all those fears when it concerns with my loveones.

Hospital after all is the place made to house us when we are sick and not made to scare us. In fairness, a lot of hospital staffs are so friendly and very much professional while dealing with their patient. Aside from that, another thing that I observe everytime I am inside the hospital is the nursing uniforms scrub that the nurses are wearing. It is pleasing to the eyes to see them in their scrubs medical uniforms. It even made them look prettier, friendlier, and smarter. It even gave them the image that they are the persons that need to be respected as well as idolized.

Nowadays, a lot of good hospital uniforms with different styles, design and patterns available in scrub store that you can even buy them online. And that’s very cool, right? So, for all the nurses and hospital staff out here, what are you waiting for? Go and search for some new uniforms that will suit your taste.


Happy Monday


Hey, it’s Monday once again. I just hope that you guys had a wonderful weekend and have enough energy for today and for the rest of the week.

Anyway, I am just dropping by to say hello to everyone. I still don’t have enough time and inspiration to write some updates for you to read. Life still gets busy. And though I feel like I have a thousand things on my mind, I still don’t know how to write it into a more readable one.


September 2010: inspirational quotes!

Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the
small ones.
~Phillips Brooks ~

The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. The great
opportunity is where you are.
~John Burroughs ~

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
~Lao Tzu~

Live one day at a time emphasizing ethics rather than rules.
~Wayne Dyer~

If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one.
~Mother Teresa~

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul
remains unawakened.
~Anatole France~

More bliss can be got from
serving others than from merely serving oneself.
~Sri Sathya Sai Baba~

Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete
~Ashleigh Brilliant ~

Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.
~Colleen Wilcox~

There are no failures- just experiences
and your reactions to them.
~Tom Krause~

Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.

Love begins by taking care of
the closest ones - the ones at home.
~Mother Teresa~

What a lovely
surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be.
~Ellen Burstyn~

I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I
~Michael Jordan~

If you want others to be happy, practice
compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
~Dalai Lama~

When the idea came up, [Newman's Own] I said, "Are you crazy? Stick my
face on the label of salad dressing?" And then, of course, we got the whole idea
of exploitation and how circular it is. Why not, really, go to the fullest
length, and the silliest length, in exploiting yourself and turn the proceeds
back to the community?
~Paul Newman~

The ones who are hardest to
love are usually the ones who need it the most.
~Dan Millman~

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.
~Ryunosuke Satoro~

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.
~Chinese Proverb~

Stubbornly persist, and you will find that the limits of your
stubbornness go well beyond the stubbornness of your limits.
~Robert Brault~

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done
for others and the world remains and is immortal.
~Albert Pike~

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and
power and magic in it... Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's
thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe~

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself
in the service of others.
~Mahatma Gandhi~

Any form of exercise, if
pursued continuously, will help train us in perseverance.
~Mao Tse-Tung~

Racism isn't born, folks, it's taught. I have a two-year-old son. You
know what he hates? Naps! End of list.
~Dennis Leary~


lunch at banana leaf!

Last Saturday, I rendered overtime and joined at the HR planning workshop. Though I don’t have an overtime pay, I never had a second thought when our HR head texted me to join – 1) because my schedule was free 2) because I miss the group – sa PAHRDF training kasi namin yon na hindi na natapos-tapos kasi nagpalit kami ng bagong administration and 3) because our trainors/consultants are very kind kaya nakakahiyang magsabi ng “NO”. In fairness, super alaga kasi kami ng aming consultant eh.

Anyway, our consultants treated us lunch at the banana leaf.

Here’s what we had:

complimentary appetizer

roti canai

laksa soup

stirfry leaves

phad thai

char kway teow

pandan chicken

grilled pork

sago pudding in Thai pandan leaf

Not in the photos is the Nasi Goreng. Naubos na sya before ko pa makuhanan ng picture eh.
We were so full that day, super sulit na rin ang inovertime ko. Hehehe.

Banana Leaf
2/F The Podium
Ortigas Center, Pasig City


Grateful Friday!

Today, I am very grateful because….

… I already got my Philhealth forms and other requirements needed for my reimbursement of expenses from the hospital where KA got confined. After two weeks of waiting, finally my papers are ready to be filed at Philhealth office.

… I already paid the cash I borrowed and used for KA’s hospitalization. OMG, it gave me sleepless nights because I am force to pay it as soon as possible.

… My family & friends are in good health and safe.

… Tomorrow is no work day so I am not obliged to wake up very early. Though, I am still undecided whether I am going to stay home or go malling/window shopping. *wink*

… Today, I am happy, relax, contented and feel so blessed. I am really enjoying a worry-free day today.

Now, I am spreading some positive vibes here. Have a wonderful & blessed weekend to all. God bless!

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”.

“Reflect Each Day On All You Have To Be Grateful For
And You Will Receive More To Be Grateful For”.
~Chuck Danes~


a birthday post!

While some people are afraid of the thought of turning a year older, there are some people who are excited to turn a year older and still looking forward to all the blessings waiting them ahead.

I am one of those persons who excitedly looking forward for new things waiting for me as I unfold another chapter of my life.

Looking back, when I am still a little bit younger, I am always awed of those people who became successful as early as 25 years old. And I dreamt of becoming one of them when I reach such certain age.

But where I am today? Today, at 32, I am officially out of the calendar but hey I am still in the lotto. Lol. Seriously, at 32, I am still too far from counting million or even thousands from my own account. Despite all the hard work and determination to succeed, here I am today still breaking my arm and leg to conquer everything in finding something to feed my family.

I haven’t travel to any place outside the country yet but I’ve been to some beautiful places here in the Philippines.

My 31st year was one of the toughest years in my life but I am proud to say that God never abandon me. Despite all the challenges and the not so good things that happened to me, I know I have a lot of things to thank Him. I have my very supportive family, a loving husband, a smart & healthy daughter, a comfortable place to live with and good health. I also have my job that pays me enough to cover my bills and some more to buy things that I want. And I have a lot of friends, including those that I’ve only met online, who are always there to support me through thick & thin.

I know I should already done things more than what I did, traveled more to different places, acquired more than what I just had and be someone more successful than who I am today.

But this is not the end of my journey; I am only just a halfway through. And in due time, I know I am going to get to a place where I should be. Happy Birthday to me!

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.
Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”
~Don Williams, Jr~

“Let you mind start a journey thru a strange new world.
Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before.
Let your soul take you where you long to be…
Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar and
you’ll live as you’ve never lived before.”
~Erich Fromm~

“To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time,
but we must keep on stepping”
~Chinese Proverbs~


at five years!

"The kind of marriage you make depends upon the kind of person you are.
If you are a happy, well-adjusted person,
the chances are your marriage will be a happy one.
If you have made adjustments so far with more satisfaction than distress,
you are likely to make your marriage and family adjustments satisfactorily.
If you are discontented and bitter about your lot in life,
you will have to change before you can expect to live happily ever after."

(Evelyn Duvall and Reuben Hill - - When You Marry)

Five years. Yes, we’ve been married for five years now!

At five years, I learned & fully understand that a husband-wife relationship is very much different from a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

At five years, I already understand why our parents always remind us that before going into this relationship, we must be financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually prepared. In other words, both spouses must already enjoy their singlehood to the fullest.

At five years, we still stick to our agreement not to say too negative things against each other that a simple sorry / hugs and kisses cannot heal. Better yet, manahimik nalang!

At five years, our greatest joy and achievement so far is having our precious daughter.

At five years, despite our personal differences, we are trying everything to become a better couple & parent to our kid.

I know this marriage is still too young and will definitely have a very long way to go, a lot more of adjustments to go thru and some more arguments/disagreements to solve. But through thick & thin, we will continue to hold on to each other, will conquer everything in the name of love and will make this relationship work till death do us part.

Happy 5th Anniversary to my dear husband.


happy birthday papa!

I am just so grateful for having you as my father
Thank you for all the support that you have given to me
Thank you for trusting me
Thank you for guiding me
Thank you for all the kindness and care that you gave to me
You are truly a blessing for me and for all my siblings
For us, you are the best father in the whole world
I love you Papa.
Happy-happy Birthday to you!

Quote of the day

  “Life is never easy. There is work to be done and obligations to be met – obligations to truth, to justice, and to liberty.” —  John F. Ke...