11 things I learned and realized in 2011

Before I officially welcome 2012, let me share to you 11 things that I learned and realized for this year 2011.

Here they are in random order:

*life is full of duties and responsibilities and it increases as you grow older

*my daughter will always be on my top priority

*being a wife and a mother is never been easy, it needs a lot of patience, sacrifices, hardwork and responsibilities

*life is always like a rollercoaster and you really can’t tell when will you be up or when will you be down

*getting pregnant the second time around is much difficult compared before

*family is always there to suppot me through thick and thin despite havingmy very own family

*you really can’t please everyone no matter hard you try

*never ever expect anything so you won’t get hurt if nothing happens

*looking & dealing with the nanny is another burden that need to face everyday

*always give time for yourself and make yourself happy

*gift no matter how small or big always makes me smile and happy

And with all those things, I can say that I am more ready to face 2012. Happy New Year everyone. Let us all welcome 2012 with all the positivity in our heart.


Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Another year is about to end, 3 more days to go and we will official bid goodbye to 2011 and will welcome 2012.

2011 is never been an easy year for me. Lots of trials and hardship came across my way. But afterall those hardship, I can say that there were also a lot of things happened that need to be thankful for.

I am thankful for:

*my husband that always there to understand me and support me in any decision that I made
*my daughter that made me proud to be her mom
*my only sister that always there to rescue me and always there when I needed her
*my family that never fail to support me morally and spiritually
* my friends that never forget me
*my job that I love to do despite and inspite all the stressed that it gave me
*all the gifts that I received this christmas season
*all the wishes granted
*and above all, for the little bundle of joy inside me that is soon to come out and will say hello to the world

Now, I can say that I am ready to face the coming year and welcome 2012 with all the positivity in my heart. May this coming year be more prosperous year for all of us! So goodbye 2011, hello 2012.

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