A Quick Hello & a Short Update

Hello everyone. I’m back and will definitely disappear again. Hahaha. Oh well, that’s my life now. Now you see, now you don’t. I already accepted it. No matter how I tried I always end up setting aside doing online work and visiting my blog or facebook account and said “later nalang yan”.  And that” later” never comes because a lot of things need to be prioritized. 

Workload is so drowning but still I am trying to manage things.  My current workload is for 3 persons. At first, I said it’s too much especially without an additional compensation. But since I need to work and I also love my work then later on I accepted the fact that this phase will soon pass. *wink* sana!
Kids keep me busy too. But I have no regrets having them. They are my source of inspirations and strength. And I love them so much.

And despite having a very busy schedule, I am still planning to go back to school. I am praying that with God’s grace I may able to achieve what I want. So please join  me in saying a little prayer for this intention. 

God Bless Us All!

Quote of the day

  “Life is never easy. There is work to be done and obligations to be met – obligations to truth, to justice, and to liberty.” —  John F. Ke...