assessment & shift of plans

When I wrote my goals and aspirations for 2009 here, I was so inspired and determined that I can be able to achieve them. But when problems started to build up early this year, I knew that there are things that I really have to give up.

As early as today, I know it in my heart that I failed.

First, the enrollment period was over and I was not able to enroll for a refresher course. It’s all about the financial crisis that we are currently undertaking because we spent money for our house renovation more than the budget we allotted for it. Good thing we are slowly but surely moving on. And hopefully we can go back to normal situation in two months time.

Second, I can’t manage my time properly now. I am still getting used to my new schedule. With us living too far away from our office, I need to wake up very early in the morning. Prepare everything and leave home before 6 o’clock in the morning. That made me feels so sleepy while I am in the office. Another thing is, with lot of household choirs to do, I am very much overwhelmed. In the end, I easily got tired and end up accomplishing nothing.

Third, I was not able to update my blog daily. With the poor time management that I currently have, I need to set aside my blog for a while and concentrate first to some other things.

Those failures and some family problems made me feel a little bit depressed too. But instead of concentrating on being a loser, I tried my best to find an outlet and that’s reading books. Thanks again to my donors – redlan, princess_dyanie and to my other friends who lend some books to me and even accompanied me to the second hand bookstore near our office.

And now that I failed to enroll for a refresher course, I’m planning to enroll in a driving school before the year end. I’m just getting ready. Who knows, the car might comes soon. Think Positive! Think Positive!

Also, we are planning to start a small business. Though I have a little knowledge when it comes to the actual operation of business, I know we can do it.

So, wish me some luck friends. Your prayers will be very much appreciated.


Nicola said...

You didn't fail, priorities change for everyone. It's good to be flexible and ready to adjust to new situations and reassess what's important and what can be left behind. Good luck with your new goals!

kg said...

nicole said it right! it doesn;t necessarily means you've failed. maybe it means wait and try something else for the moment. when one door closes, another one opens. so it's good that you have the opportunity to try other things.

and don't worry, lists are not absolute, they just serve as a guide and as a reminder! they can be changed anytime! i'll be praying for you!

Kayni said...

As you have said, think positive. I wish you well and count my prayers in =).

escape said...

there are always great possibilities. just look beyond those experiences. im sure you can still catch up with some other good things.

great to know that redlan and dyanie somehow replaced those worries.

RedLan said...

Thaniks for the special mention. Ako rin hindi ma manage ang time. Isip ako ng isip tapos hindi ko naman ginagawa. hehehe. Basta think positive nga and enjoy life. Goodluck!

mordsith said...

hey! thanks for dropping by my blog.

i feel sad that you weren't able to enroll this sem. but i hope you can find time to do other equally fruitful activities. good luck! :)

witsandnuts said...

All the good wishes for you. Keep the faith and positivity!

princess_dyanie said...

think postive! walang aayaw! parang commercial lang dba? but its true! :)

iluvgreen said...

i know how it feels when things we planned didnt come out the way we planned it but when we are really determined to achieve it, it will happen and the same goes in putting up a business, it may sound scary at first but when you love what you do and you put your heart in it, whatever comes along the way you can handle that. Good luck

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