an experience at the not so "great eastern hotel"

last sunday, while most of the people enjoyed their family day, i assisted at the training conducted by our office. that pilot training lasted until tuesday afternoon. the venue - the not so "great eastern hotel". why i said so? just because they really have poor service.
the hotel served our food late.

their service was so slow. one time, we had fried chicken for our dinner. they did not served us sauce or even ketchup. so what i did, i requested from the waiter, but before the ketchup arrived the fried chicken were gone. hahaha...

next day, i requested my running balance so i just know how much money i need to request from the office. i do not want to bring bulk of money there and i only want to request enough cash for our additional charges. anyway, i paid them in full the contracted price for the minimum guaranteed participants that we agreed upon. but hey, they was not able to give to me the information that i needed. the person in-charge told me to go back the next day at 8:00 o'clock in the morning. as obedient as i can, i go back the following day. but still, i got nothing. later that day, i asked the same information from the personnel in-charge in our room, to their supervisor and even to the sales manager but to no avail. i was so mad at that time.

while i was trying to comfort myself, i took this picture. i said to myself, maybe that car beside that tree was feeling lonely or maybe feeling so mad too. lol. what do you think?

later in the afternoon, when our event were done and the feeling of madness was gone too, i go back to the front desk and asked this time for our final bill. know what? they still do not have the information/bill yet. how unefficient they are? this time, i told them, ok fine if you were not able to provide me the information on how much i owe you. i'll gonna go home. just call me if you are ready! you guys know my office number anyway. then suddenly, they rushed my bills.

oh, come on! will you please improve your service.


shengmarie said...

aysus, that's bad service hah, buti may pumapasok pang customers sa kanila?

REDLAN said...

grabe ha. kakainis talga pag ganyan ang service. ilang beses ka na nag ask. buti na na lang nakahold on ka. tas bilis naman pala ang pagbigay nila kapag lalayasan mo na sila. oh my.

JavaQueen said...

Even when you rant, you are a sweetheart!

iluvgreen said...

if you are talking about great eastern hotel, the one in quezon ave., formerly aberdeen court? 10 years ago, my sister's wedding reception held there and you are true their service sucks! tsk tsk they haven't improve since then.. sad for the customers.

witsandnuts said...

Yaiks! They would lose clients/customers then. About the car and tree? My caption (tree talking): "Hey, car watch out! I'm gonna collapse! Lol.

the donG said...

"maybe that car beside that tree was feeling lonely or maybe feeling so mad too. lol. what do you think?">>> LOL. maybe! maybe!

that hotel should be rated so that others will take note of it.

the spool artist said...

sige po, ipagkakalat ko sa mga friends ko not to use that hotel!

Blue Rose said...

@sheng: meron pa naman. actually kc mababa yong rate nila pero hindi lang talaga maganda ang services.

@redlan: ay, sinabi mo pa! sobrang kainis talaga.

@javaqueen: thanks sweetie.

@iluvgreen: yap, exactly! grabe noh. yong sales manager nga nila parang inaantok kausap.

@witsandnuts: totoo. sabi ko nga hinding-hindi na kami uulit doon kahit mura pa rate nila kasi mapapamura ka rin sa bagal ng service nila. hehehe. about the car & tree, pwede. actually may dalawang tali yong puno para hindi bumagsak.

@the dong: actually, naghahanap ako ng rating sheet nila or any suggestion box para malaman ng management na very poor ang services nila kaya lang wala akong makita.

@the spool artist: buti pa nga para hindi na mabwisit friends mo sa services ng hotel na ito.

Toni said...

Ay naku, I stayed here the night before my wedding. Our church kasi was nearby. Terrible service nga!

Blue Rose said...

@toni: grabe noh! hindi man lang nag improve.