i'm back!

Gosh! I was so quiet for almost a month now. I’m very sorry for that my friends. I took a blog vacation without even saying anything. But I think that was the best thing to do than to spread all the negative vibes in the blogosphere..

But guys, I would like you to know that I really miss you a lot! I was very busy lately and I don’t even have time to go online and check your updates in plurk, facebook and of course your blog. Bawi na lang ako, promise!

Anyway, I’m back and hopefully I can go online more often now. Hindi ko pa pwedeng sabihing everyday kasi marami pang kailangang tapusing work plus my training is still not over. I think more than a month pa yong training namin. I’ll share some pictures on my next post.

That’s it for now, enjoy and have time to reflect and pray this Lenten season. Be safe everyone!


Ibyang said...

welcome back! miss you too.

have a blessed holy week and happy easter. :)

iluvgreen said...

welcome back!! pareho tayo "now they see us now they dont" hahah

enjoy the long vacation

Kayni said...

Glad to hear you're back. Can't wait for some update.

shengmarie said...

I missed your posts! Welcome back!

Grace de Castro said...

missed you eds! mwah!

please write more often! :)

princess_dyanie said...

welcome baaaack! oo nga tagal mong nawala sa plurk! :P

Jeanny said...

welcome back sis. I miss you. Actually the you in person. See yah soon. Sana makapag kape tau ulit!

witsandnuts said...

Welcome back!

Happy Easter to you and your family!