thank you for the awards kayni!

It feels like heaven…oh yeah! I can’t believe I got awards again. It’s my second & third award for this year. I was really excited and very much honored when I learned that I have been chosen to be one of the recipient s of these beauties. Nothing really beats the feeling of being appreciated, right? Thank you very much kayni for remembering me and for passing these two awards to me.

Of course, there are certain rules that I need to comply with. Here they are:
1.) Thank the person who gave you the award.
2.) List seven things about yourself that others may not yet know
3.) Pay it forward by nominating 15 fabulous bloggers you’ve recently

And here‘s the seven things about me:

♥ I starts my day with a cup of hot coffee

♥ I can’t sleep without a blanket.

♥ KA is the biggest (next to God) source of my strength and inspiration to keep moving on.

♥ I love and collect notebooks but I usually end up storing them in my cabinet. Kakahinayang kasi sulatan lalo na kapag maganda. hehehe

♥ I really don’t know how to dance.

♥ When I am angry, just leave me alone to cool down.

♥ I have a dream of going around the Philippines & around the world, but because I don’t have the means to make it possible, I just satisfy myself by stalking and following some blogs that features different places.

Now, I’m passing these two awards to all the fabulous bloggers in my blogroll. Guys, feel free to grab them and continue passing them to your friends.



Grace de Castro said...

hi eds! you deserve the awards! :)

shengmarie said...

For the win ang friendship sa blogs. We develop friendship and we get more of them when we continue being kind.

kayni said...

you are very welcome and you absolutely deserve all the awards :). happy weekend!

Anonymous said...


Ibyang said...

congrats on the award!!!

hope your wish to travel around the Phils come true :)


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