Randon things that I like and I don't like

This meme sounds fun so I asked permission from prinsesa musang that I am going to grab and do this. Thanks a lot PM.

Here are the random things that I like and I don’t like:

I like:

1. I like my husband.
2. I like my daughter.
3. I like my family.
4. I like reading novels especially those written by Sidney Sheldon, Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coelho and Stephanie Meyer.
5. I like chocolate.
6. I like surprises.
7. I like ice cream.
8. I like cake.
9. I like flowers.
10. I like spicy food.
11. I like going to work early.
12. I like bags.
13. I like shoes.
14. I like notebook.
15. And of course, I like all my blogger friends.
I don’t like:

1. I don’t like migraine.
2. I don’t like being pestered.
3. I don’t like worms.
4. I don’t like mosquitoes.
5. I don’t like horror movies.
6. I don’t like plastic people.
7. I don’t like poor web connection.
8. I don’t like bagoong.
9. I don’t like cigarette smoke.
10. I don’t like abusive people.


Grace de Castro said...

what a nice list!

the best yung 1, 2, and 3. :)

kayni said...

i love notebooks too. i've been collecting. i keep buying daw pero i never use...lol.

great list.

Anonymous said...

how could you not like bagoong??? NOOOOO!

OA ako masyado ano? :P ahehe... agree ako lahat sa likes except yung novels siguro. and flowers. i prefer plants in general. :)


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