True Confession

I got hard time putting up a new post after a very long vacation since my last post. There were times that I attempted to blog but I end up hitting the delete button. At first the very busy schedule was my main reason for not blogging. But lately, I realized that I really missed the blogosphere and that I still have enough time to blog kung gugustuhin ko nga lang.

And today as I am trying to start blogging again, I’d like to confess to you two major reasons for my absence here for such a long time.

One is that, I was deeply hurt from what happened to my parent. Both my father and my mother suffered from a stroke. It’s very painful kasi wala man lang akong magawa for them maliban sa mahirap na din silang pagsabihan o pagbawalan sa mga bagay na dapat na nilang tigilan. Though, alam naman nila that I love them both and I care for them kahit pa magkahiwalay sila.

Second, I am having difficulty with my second pregnancy. Parang ang hirap-hirao compared when I got pregnant with KA. I just hope that this baby will be as healthy as KA and of course I wish na sana eh boy na ito.

So that’s it for the meantime. A blessed Tuesday everyone and belated Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.


RedLan said...

Sorry to know bout what happened to your parents. Pero I am so happy to know on the otherhand na magkababy kana ulit. yehey! good news talaga yan.

shengmarie said...

Yey! You're preggy pala, God bless you with that! I am happy for you!

Grace de Castro said...

Preggy!!! i didn't know! Oh, just stay strong eds, and keep on praying! I'll pray for you, so your worries will soon be gone!

Jeanny said...

will pray fro your parents. Be strong sis.

Good News naman ito, preggy ka ulit. NGats lagi :-)

dong ho said...

sana hindi na lalala pa. maybe you need to visit the clinic more often.

Ibyang said...

hello eds!
sorry i've been absent from your blog. sorry to hear about your parents. hope they are getting back to being healthy. and congratulations on baby #2 (number 2 nga ba?) i'm so happy for you!! :) take care of yourself and i hope you'll feel better in the coming weeks.

DataEntryJobs said...

Sis I'm so happy to know magkakababy ka na uli. Congrats! I also hope your parents will get well. Take care of yourself ok. See u soon! ILU