My 2012 New Year's Resolution

As I am more positive to face this year, I would like to set my 2012 New Year’s Resolution as it will give me something to look forward to and will also guide me to be more productive. Though, i know that I am good in breaking up all those promises/resolutions, I am still hopeful that I am able to achieve what I am going to set for this year.

So, without further ado let me share to you 12 of my targets/resolutions for 2012 in random order:

*observe proper diet

*read at least one (1) book a month

*blog at least once a week

*buy new digital camera

*buy external hard disk

*always give quality time for myself

*save more money for my kids future

*go to manila ocean park with my family

*be more organize and manage time properly

*be more patient with the situations and people around me

*travel at least twice a year to any places here in the Philippines

*visit our parents and in-laws in the province and spend some quality time with them

And at the end of the year, let me see how good I am in keeping and achieving my New Year’s Resolution . So wish me luck guys as I am crossing my fingers in accomplishing those listed above.


Anonymous said...

i hope you will accomplish your list this year eds. i also plan to read a book once a month. if you want we can work on this together to help each other meet our goal. sounds cool to you? my first books is the perks of being a wallflower. what is yours for the month? happy new year!

Ibyang said...

happy new year Eds! may all goals and dreams come true :) kaya mo yan!

Eds said...

@PM: thanks PM. that sound cool. mine is Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.

Eds said...

@Ibyang: thanks ibyang. happy new year!

Anonymous said...

i like dear john. i saw the movie first before i bought the book. i love john's character. the book is great, so heartbreaking though!

Anonymous said...

keep sharing the positivity! :) let's accomplish these resolutions! aja! :)


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