A Quick Hello & a Short Update

Hello everyone. I’m back and will definitely disappear again. Hahaha. Oh well, that’s my life now. Now you see, now you don’t. I already accepted it. No matter how I tried I always end up setting aside doing online work and visiting my blog or facebook account and said “later nalang yan”.  And that” later” never comes because a lot of things need to be prioritized. 

Workload is so drowning but still I am trying to manage things.  My current workload is for 3 persons. At first, I said it’s too much especially without an additional compensation. But since I need to work and I also love my work then later on I accepted the fact that this phase will soon pass. *wink* sana!
Kids keep me busy too. But I have no regrets having them. They are my source of inspirations and strength. And I love them so much.

And despite having a very busy schedule, I am still planning to go back to school. I am praying that with God’s grace I may able to achieve what I want. So please join  me in saying a little prayer for this intention. 

God Bless Us All!


Kayni said...

Hi Eds, Glad to hear from you back. It's good to be busy, just don't forget to have some "me" time.

shengmarie said...

I hope you achieve what you really want and need. I too, am praying for a little miracle.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter gaano ka katagal mag-post or update. basta you keep posting and keep your blog alive! and facebook too!

time spent on family is always worth it so don't sweat it. aja lang! and as for work, i hope and pray for enllightenment for those people supervising you that they realize na hindi na iyan maka-tao! :P ahehe.. basta, God will bless you even more when He sees you working so hard. :)

hanggang sa susunod na update! :)

Anonymous said...

dahil sa christmas event ni PM napadaan ako dito ulit. nice to see that your blog is still alive. dont worry pare-parehas lang lulubog lilitaw ang mga blog naten hehe.

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