Okay, I admit that I am a little bit confused of the things that I really wanted to do this time. 

There are a lot of things that really bothers me. 

The office politics that is not favorable with us. I am worried on what is waiting for me after my current boss vacates his post. I don't know who will replace him.

My applications with other agencies don’t seem to have any positive update yet. But of course, I am still hopeful that some good things are waiting for me. I just hope that the news come out soon.

I love what I am doing right now and enjoy at the agency where I am currently employed but there are things that need some assurance and security.

I am not getting any younger anymore and I need some security of tenure. I want to transfer to a permanent office where I can stay until my retirement age come.

I know it is very difficult to move out of my comfort zone but I really need to think and prepare for the future of my family. I may have all I want in life and enjoyed the life that I want for myself. But I still have my kids that need to be prepared and be ready for them to have good future.

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