The Confession of Eds

Hey everyone! i' m back here in the blogosphere, and i feel like i owe some explanation for not updating here for very looooong time. I know there are lot of things that i missed here. 

But of course, i'll try my very best to catch up with you guys. There are just some personal reasons that hindered me from writing online. But it doesn't mean that i stop from writing whats on my mind and in my heart. There are certain things that really not meant to be shared online. Like negative vibes that need to be kept away just not to spread them to others. 

Life became so complicated for me. Work tested my patient and ate all my time and energy. And it turned out that even in giving all the best at my work is not enough. I did not get the promotion that i eyed for despite and inspite all the hardwork and loyalty given at work. Even worse, witnessing how the management fired those superior without due process only because they don't like them personally or have someone in their mind to replace them in the position.

Those events became an eye opener for me. Things that made me realized that i really need to do something about my future. Things that wake me up and made me decide to quit and look for some alternative outside the place i considered my home for almost ten years, a place i considered as my comfort zone.

I know it is not still too late to start my career and build for the future of my family. I just need to accept everything positively and trust God for He will not give me trials beyond my capacity.


Kayni D said...

Hi Eds, so happy to read from you. I know what you mean about being passed over for promotion. That has happened to me and I understand how devastating that can be.

I think it's never too late to change career. Just keep moving forward and I wish you the best in your career search. As always, pray for every decision.

Anonymous said...

A dark phase passes through all of us. I saw your new post and I admire you for making a big decision. God bless!

Eds said...

Hi kayni thank you very much. Nakakalungkot lang din kasi I already did my best. Pero wala pa ding nangyari. Mas napromote pa yong mga bagong hire na malapit sa mga boss.

Eds said...

thesquarerootof8, thanks for dropping by here. It was a very hard decision but I know I made the right one.

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