my keychain collection

I do not have the intention to collect keychain but i realized it few days ago that I already have few keychains in my drawer. I love to see them and think of the story behind each of them.

It all started here:

a keychain given to my hubby by his unit mate. This one holds our house keys.

A keychain with the image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. This one holds our house keys duplicate. I bought this from Antipolo church and made it blessed. It is always in my bag coz I believe that She will protect me wherever I go.

a mother and child keychain which holds my drawer keys.

A keychain from Cebu which holds the house keys of someone close to my heart.

Another keychain with different design from Antipolo

A bullet design keychain, given to me by hubby in his desperation/frustration to buy gun. (kontrabida kasi ako eh)

A keychain from a Chinese-Filipino friend/cousin

A smiley keychain

I also have keychain from other countries:

A couple of koala bears from Australia

Another keychain from Australia

keychain from Cambodia

And my favorite is from Spain

I know they are not expensive one but I really like them so much. And I think I’ll continue to collect different designs and if possible more keychain from other countries.


witsandnuts said...

This reminds me to gather the key chains given to me. I'm not really into collecting, but it's a good idea since I'm receiving such as pasalubong from those been going around, in and out of the country. I also have the red koala bear. =)

Sin said...

That's such a cute collection of keychains ^_^ I love the koala bears, awwww! Sometimes you don't realise you're a collector until it hits you :)

Ps. I would recommend you to allow people to comment and add their name and url here :) Not everyone has a google blogger or open id account.

All the best!

shengmarie said...

Would you want to get a tnalak keychain from here in Gensan? I will send you one...

LOREN said...

Oo nga ano? Sometimes we collect certain items we don't even intend to collect. Sige lang. You'll never know you're a huge key chain collector already ;)

Anonymous said...

May collection ka na pala nyan. I like the boomerang keychain! :)

princess_dyanie said...

ay ako rin dami na keychains! lahat nakatabi. remembrance :)

Nance said...

I don't know how it got started but friends and family kept giving me turtles in various shapes and forms. I used to display them but every time i have friends over, they thought i collect turtles so come a celebration, they'll give me a turtle. I finally put them away just to stop them from giving me more. :)
You have a nice keychain collections, Bluerose.


RedLan said...

Marami rin akong natanggap na keychain. tinatago ko lang kasi iisang key lang ang meron ako. SUper cute nung couple koala bears.

iluvgreen said...

wow ang dami nga, i love the koala couple, nice!

SASSY MOM said...

Dami na ng collection. That's a good idea, I've always had friends giving me keychains.

thanks for sharing and by the way, you have a nice blog.

Eds said...

@witsandnuts: ako din wala din hilig magkolekta until napansin kong marami-rami na din pala naipon sa drawer ko.

@sin: thank you so much dear for dropping by here as well as to your recommendation. i'll do it.

@shengmarie: uy, i want...i want...pwede? hehehe. thanks sheng!

@Loren: hehehe. we'll see.

@luksongtinik: nagsimula sa mga bigay-bigay eh. hehehe

@princess_dyanie: yap. remembrance. thanks for visiting here sweetie.

@nance: hehehe. ganun talaga. pero kakatuwa rin naman, db?

@redlan: ibig sabihin nyan magkakaroon ka ng maraming keys. hahaha. tago mo lang kung hindi naman donate mo nalang sa akin. hehehe. joke!

@iluvgreen: cute noh! at dalawa pa nakuha ko. hehehe

@sassy mom: thanks for the compliments and for dropping by here.

Anonymous said...

wow dmaing keychain. Kakatuwa. Ako collections hmmmm parang dumadami na headbands ko hehehe!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just bloghopping and saw this post. I love collecting key chains though i had the time to arrange them. I always request one as a pasalubong. Kahit key chain lang masaya na ako. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

hey sweetie, send me your addy and i'll send you one from tokyo ;-)

Eds said...

@jeanny: kakatuwa noh! hindi natin namamalayan nagiging collector na pala tayo ng certain things.

@upto6only: thanks for dropping by here dear.nagun, kapag may nagtatanong sa kin kung ano pasalubong gusto ko, key chain na rin nirerequest ko. hehehe. addict na!

@caryn: a million thanks to you dear. i already emailed you my mailing address. hehehe

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That looked so awesome. Would love to spend a weekend at the hotel with my 21 yr old daughter and a day just like yours at the Spa. It did look like heaven!

Treesa said...

My own keychain collection started out this way, with just a few keychains that I had picked up here and there. But once I realized I had a collection I started collecting seriously. Now I have over a thousand keychains, and a blog where I show off my collection and share collecting tips. The blog is called
Grab The Brass Keyring
I use the Blogger site to post.
I enjoyed seeing your collection. It is nice that your keychains each have special meaning for you.
Signed, Treesa

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