happiness is.........

Odette a.k.a. Little Miss Firefly is having a giveaway on her blog in time for her birthday this coming valentines day. What are you waiting for? Head over to her blog and join me in greeting her a happy-happy birthday.

For the mechanics, please check it over here. And find out those gorgeous handmade items that Odette made herself.

Here’s for my entry:

Happiness is ……………..

♥ hearing K.A.’s voice
♥ to see K.A dancing in the tune of “ single lady” (her current favorite song)
♥ a sweet good night kiss from the pretty little K.A. and the hubby
♥ a beautiful smile in K.A.’s face as she wake up in the morning
♥ a yummy piece of black forest cake from red ribbon shared with the hubby.
♥ a comfortable clothes and shoes to wear
♥ a cup of brewed coffee shared with a friend
♥ a good advises from the loving people around me
♥ the comments I got from my fellow bloggers
♥ having a boss who understands his subordinate’s sentiments

That’s it.

What makes you happy?


RedLan said...

I just joined on Jeanny's contest. hehehe. Goodluck sa'yo! Cool ang mga birthday giveaways no?!

Anonymous said...

sasali ako dito hehehe. sarap nga ng mga bday giveaway hehehe exciting :)

iluvgreen said...

comfortable shirts makes me happy too! i submitted my entry too...

Anonymous said...

Happiness is seeing your kid smile, and kissing you after weary day.

escape said...

"the comments I got from my fellow bloggers">>> that's cute!

what makes me happy? im still alive and still able to meet new friends and value old friends.

Ibyang said...

love your list!!! stay happy always :)

ms firefly said...

bluerose, you are soooo sweet!
a good boss is happiness at work, tumpak ka!

i hope your Vday was wonderful, thank you so much for the greetings and for the shoutout, i'm so touched!

i'm now linking your entry to my blog, gotta share the happiness the everyone! ^-^

thanks again for joining in!

Kayni said...

wonderful list =) i'm with you on brewed coffee especially in the mornings. in fact, i need one right now. also, it's great to have a boss who truly understands. i'm so happy i have one right now. happy weekend.

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