Thank you and updates!

Thank you so much for the prayers and all the positive vibes that you shared with me. They helped me a lot!

Thank you also to all the people who helped us in renovating our house and to those who trusted us by lending us some financial help.

The house blessing was held yesterday. And we are moving in to our new home this coming weekend.

Again, thank you very much for all your support and prayers. I’ll have my regular updates soon.


Anonymous said...

wow! congrats on the new home! that is such a great blessing! :)

RedLan said...

Take your time bluerose. Kaka excite naman yung paglipat nyo.

Anonymous said...

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Kayni said...

Warm blessings to your new home and congratulations =).

Jeanny said...

wow congrats sistah. Hope you can share some photos ;)

Enjoy your new home.
Happy Weekend ;)

princess_dyanie said...

wow congratz sa new home! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! Congratulations! Here's to a smooth move- take care!

Nance said...

Yay! finally, congratulation, blue rose! i am sure you'll enjoy your new home and build a lot of memories.

Eds said...

@kg, redlan, kayni, jeanny, princess_dyanie, javaqueen & nance: thank you very much friends. i am still in the adjustment period but i am enjoying my new home now. i'll share some picture soon.

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