my christmas wish list

I love writing my wish list because it gives me the guide and inspiration to work hard to be able to achieve or have all those things in my list. Sometimes genie and/or santa claus give me some rewards and grant my wishes. Though sometimes along the way or as time goes by, my likes or interest change, giving me a shift of things in my list. Like for example in the wish list that I made few months ago, I was so lucky to have and read some of the books written by Bob Ong, a complete set of the twilight series and some books of Sophie Kinsella. Though I was not able to have any book of Jennifer Weiner, I was able to have books by Paulo Coelho and Sidney Sheldon. These two authors captured my interest and made me forgot some of the books listed in my wish list including those of Weiner.

Today, one month before christmas, I want to create my Christmas wish list.

Of course, I know that some of the stuffs in my wish list are really just WISHES and I know that I am not rich enough to buy all these. But who knows, if santa claus might just land on our house and deliver some of these gifts to me. And as like as what Napoleon Hill quote:
“When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.”

So, here’s my wish list:

For my Family
♥ good health

♥ car

♥ new clothes & shoes for KA

♥ New clothes for hubby

gadgets for me
♥ Acer laptop computer


♥ wrist watch

♥ digital camera

♥ ipod


stuff for my closet
♥ new backpack

♥ new shoes

♥ new clothes

more books for me
♥ bloodline by Sidney Sheldon

♥ nothing last forever by Sidney Sheldon

♥ best laid plans by Sidney sheldon

♥ by the river piedra I sat down and swept by Paulo Coelho

♥ winner stands alone by Paulo Coelho

♥ the alchemist by Paulo Coelho

travel for the whole family
♥ trip to Boracay

♥ trip to Bohol

♥ trip to Avilon Zoo

♥ I wish and I hope that the road from Quezon City to Montalban via Litex be repaired as soon as possible

For now, these are all I could think about. Sobrang dami! Anyway, libre naman ang mangarap. Hehehe.

This is also my entry to the 52WoC task#47 by Shai Coggins.


shengmarie said...

Yes, i need to write my wishlist too. But i don't want to post, hehe...ewan, basta, sana nga matupad ano?

Unknown said...

parang na inspire rin ako gumawa ng wish list ah!

Grace de Castro said...

ako naman baligtad, my sister is bugging me what i want for christmas, wala akong maisip. so sabi ko, pwede cash na lang? he! he!


Anonymous said...

get the MSI Wind U210 na lang! may optical drive na. :P or Asus eeePC for even longer batt life. :) or wishlist ko lang yun para saken? hehehe...

baka ako din gumawa na ng wishlist. hmmm...

upto6only said...

hmmm gusto ko ding gumawa tas ilagay ko sa stockings on the xmas tree hehehe bka bgay ni santa :p

witsandnuts said...

I don't have a wishlist yet. =) I agree with Bursky, get the MSI. It's better.

Jeanny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeanny said...

I wont post my wishlist this year kasi it was granted na kaagad. Nakuha si hubz through verbal na lang hahaha...

Sis if sa laptop, tama si Bursky, an MSI Wind U210 or an Asus eeePC. For sure okay yang mga yan :)

Pag digital camera naman, sa hidalgo sis, dun murang mura promise.

For ipod naman, I know where to buy na mas mura with 1 year apple warranty ha. Just let me know.

So hayun, ang saya talga to give and make people happy :)

Jacaranda Flagg said...

my wish? there's no list.. i want our dream house... that's all, bow.


RedLan said...

hmmm ayan na ang wishlist. sana magkatotoo lahat. god bless you more!

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