Just a quick note!

Hello everyone! :)

I'm very busy & demoralized at the same time but I wanted to post a quick note because I really-really miss you guys.

I still have constant challenges to get through each day and your prayer is very much appreciated.It continues to be a difficult journey for me, but I know someday soon this will all pass. Sabi nga ni Santino, may bukas pa!

Anyway, our contract will end on the 30th of June and we still don’t know what will happen next. But for the rest of June and until the next boss come, we are all very busy.

By next week, I will be out of the office to attend a workshop and a writeshop. And the week after next, I will also be out of the office for a closed door session with our trainor so we can submit our output on or before June 30.

For the meantime, let me share to you some of the pictures I took at the MMLDC in Antipolo City last May 25-26 during our 2-day workshop there.

to our room

our beds

at the pond

at the pool side

at the grotto

going to the rainforest (na wala namang rain. hehehe)

to the aviary (up next)
That's it for now! I'll drop by at your site as soon as I can.
Happy Thursday to all.


Anonymous said...

like it really!!!

princess_dyanie said...

Sabi nga ni Santino, May Bukas Pa! Kaya yan Eds! Hang on okay? God is good all the time! :)

Kayni said...

Santino is right :). Glad to hear from you and thanks for sharing the pics.

God bless. Stay well.

Ibyang said...

sending you a lot of positive vibes! :) kaya mo yan eds :)

文君 said...

Necessity is the mother of invention.............................................................

witsandnuts said...

Hang in there! God knows better. =)

Jeanny said...

hi sis. So busy ang beauty mo ah. Basta relax ka lang at kaya mo yan.

Happy weekend sistah!

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a nice place. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

I hope everything will work out for the best. (((hugs))

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