What’s up! I’m back!

Hey guys, kumusta na kayo? I miss you all. It’s been more than a month since I last visited this blog as well as your blog. My work schedule was very hectic. Everything seems to be urgent. My 8 hours official time is not enough to finish things that I need to be done for the day. So there were times that I need to render overtime even on a Saturday and even without pay just to catch up things that really need to be done. And aside from that, there are negative energies and inconsiderate people that surround me which put my patience always on test. Yon ang mas nakakasama ng loob! Anyway, I’m back and I got a lot of stories and pictures to share with you guys. For more than a month a lot of things happened. Some made me happy, some made me sad & worry, and of course, some made me angry. And just to give you a little idea on what happened, ito munang tatlo:

I already enrolled my daughter in a nursery school for June. Meron na akong studyante and I’m so excited na for her.

I went to Baguio City and Kalibo, Aklan for official business. I got lots of pictures there. Share ko sainyo later but of course hindi pwede yong may kinalaman sa work na mga pictures ha for security reason. Mga rebelde kasi kasama namin eh.

My husband got an accident last month in the province. Buti nalang hindi gaanong matindi ang pinsala nya. Aside from the hospitalization and medicine, I paid damages for the vehicle he used which is owned by his own brother. Ang nakakasama nga lang ng loob kasi kinagabihan lang matapos ang accident, my sister-in-law texted me and wanted to collect payment immediately. Eh ni hindi ko pa alam ang totoong kalagayan ng asawa ko kasi nandito naman ako sa Manila.

That’s it for now guys. Hanggang sa muli. Happy weekend!


Grace de Castro said...

hi eds! i missed you!

so many things happening to you ano? some good, some bad. the good thing is ok na kayong family! i pray that you ad your family will be A-ok all the time. :)

as for your SIL: boo her! some people can be so inconsiderate!

kwento ha! :)

shengmarie said...

Your SIL is one fake bitch, haha. Welcome back by the way.

Kayni said...

musta? good to know you're back. can't wait to see your pics.

witsandnuts said...

Good to hear from you again. Re: your sister in law, that really happens. Pagpasensyahan na lang, mas importante eh okay na si hubby mo. :)

How time flies, magschool na ang daughter mo. That would be exciting and challenging.

Have a blessed week!

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