in bullet!

 Hey, guys its Friday once again. And I am so looking forward for the weekend. Nothing unusually to happen but I just want to stay home and sleep all day long.

 I’m still not over with my “paglilihi” yet and I’m getting tired of this feeling.

 I loss few pounds already because I really can’t eat or even drink enough water.

 KA is excited to see her little brother/sister na. Di ko lang alam kung gaano sya magseselos kapag nakita na talaga nyang lumabas.

 KA also takes care of me when I said I am not feeling well. Sometimes she just gave me water to drink even without asking her to do so, para lang daw hindi na ako mahilo. Kakatouch!

About KA’s schooling, so far, lagi pa naman syang excited to go to school and always willing to do her homework every night before we go to bed.

 With regards to my parents, as per my brother’s update eh okey naman daw sila. Unti-unti ng nakakabawi ng lakas. And I thanks God for that!

 On the other side, July 4, marked the day that I was able to go inside (for the first time) the Malacanang Palace, Manila, in Rizal Hall in particular.

 That was also the day that one of the breakaway group signed the MOA on closure agreement with the government, and I am so proud to be part of the group that work for its success.

 On the same day, I was able to see Korina Sanchez together with Mar Roxas personally because they were also in Malacanang but on a separate event.

That’s enough guys. Have a happy weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

ang daming updates! :) weeeee for the little baby! :)

Kayni said...

wow...great update :) congratulations! it must exciting to have a new baby on the way. ingat and God bless.

Grace de Castro said...

nice to hear the good news eds! happy weekend!

shengmarie said...

I wish you love and happiness!

Anonymous said...

ngats sis. wag masyadong magpapagod.

Happy New Week sistah!

Anonymous said...

ngats sis. wag masyadong magpapagod.

Happy New Week sistah!

Anonymous said...

Happy and Lovely weekend ...

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