he just inspired me

It's been a while since I tried to write anything. Aside from the vey busy schedule I don't feel  writing down my thought. I got very lazy. And I don't have any inspiration to write.

But now, I feel like I want to write. It all started when my brother texted me and asked me to write the valedictory address for my nephew. At first, I felt like I can't do it. I said I don't know much about the topic because it ' s about the K to 12 program.  Honestly speaking, I got little knowledge about this program.

Then, I realized that I need to try. Internet is there to help me for the information needed anyway.
Few hours of nosebleed and headache, I did it. And so far, I was happy with the result. I immediately sent it to my brother and he was contented with it too.

Thank you brother for allowing me to do it and for the trust and confidence that you have in me. You inspired me to write again. I just hope that the eagerness in me will not leave me soon.

How about you, who inspired you to do anything lately? Care to share? 


Kayni said...

Hi Eds, Glad to read from you. Musta na?

Eds said...

Thank you kayni. Ito hopefully sipagin n bumalik magblog. i really miss blog hopping.

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