my love for keeping a diary was reborn

Blogging is my way of improving my writing skills, expressing my thoughts and feelings and meeting new friends. But we all know that there is always a limitation on everything. There are things that we cannot share here in the blogosphere and must be kept all by ourselves.

For the past few months, I was so upset. So problematic that was. I encountered a lot of challenges in life. I had the financial problems, family problems and the never ending problems with the nanny.

During those days, I tried to write and blog about what’s happening in me. I drafted it in my desktop but end up deleting them after one or two paragraphs. I am not inspired to write. I can’t put them into a readable form. The tone of my writings seems to reflect my anger and all the hatred in my heart.

To lessen the burden in my heart, I decided to write down everything in my notebook. I list down anything and everything that came into my mind. I scribbled about my real feelings, my rants, even the persons involve and what he/she did wrong to me. For I know nobody will gonna read and comments on my notes.

Day after day, I read what I wrote. Then I start writing again on another page. Until such time that I noticed that the tone of my writings became lighter and lighter everyday.

Today, I can say that I already moved on. I now have a happy heart and my mind can now produce happy thoughts.

It is true that writing what’s in my mind and what’s in my heart in a piece of paper slowly but surely helped me a lot to recover. And my love for keeping a diary was reborn.

How about you? When was the last time you write your thoughts and feelings in a piece of paper?


kg said...

i loved writing on nice notebooks. i even had a diary then. pero dahil halos lahat computer na, di na ako sanay magsulat. i was once proud of my penmanship. but not anymore. i'm really disappointed because feeling ko ng pangit na ng handwriting ko.

i really want to improve and have my penmanship the way it was before. so practice uli!

glad to hear that your things are turning fine for you!

REDLAN said...

I once had a diary pero sinunog ko dahil feeling ko binabasa ng sister ko. It was so private. Tapos meron din akong planner initials na lang ginagamit ko. Masarap siyang basahin dahil nagpa-flash back yung mga nangyari kung binabasa ko ulit. Tapos nagsulat ako ulit on a diary type notebook pero I continue writing na online. Si Luis manzano used to update his blog lang kung malungkot siya. Tapos yung isang secret online friend ko, ganun rin. Madali silang magsulat kapag malungkot sila. Tama ka nababawasan ang sakit na naramdaman kung isulat mo lalo na kung secret ito at ayaw mong ipaalam sa iba. May mga sulat ako na ngayon kung mababasa ko feeling ko super baduy ako, napakatanga ko or oa ang mga sinusulat ko dahil umabot na ako sa puntong na overcome ko na yung past.

witsandnuts said...

When I'm feeling not so good, I can't get the right kick to blog. My draft sleeps. Hence, as much as possible I only draft entries when the inspiration strikes. I used to keep journals when I was still a student and revived this practice since last year.

Nicola said...

Never! I never write my thoughts down with pen and paper. But after reading your post I might have to try it, I struggle to think and write positively all the time, and especially on my blog. I've gone through stages of writing nothing but negative things, so next time I feel that way, I'm going to try pen and paper instead and see if it works for me like it did for you. Thanks for sharing! :-)

sheng said...

When I don't like doing it, I stop writing, and that involves posting articles on my blog.

When I was in high school until college, i kept a diary too, i had more than 10 notebooks filled with my very lovely lovelife, now, I can't get myself to write on notebooks anymore, I just don't have the time for it. I can only blog about it.

But it sure is a relief, writing down what you feel is always a relief.

LOREN said...

Oh, I totally understand your feeling. Blog, for me, is meant ultimately for private retreat. But you're right, we cannot write everything about our life. So I created another online journal specifically for this purpose. I share it with my bestfriend. One single soul that I can entrust everything. So, in that blog, I can be bitchy or I can be a saint without the fear of being labeled. Just being me. And it's so liberating!

Kayni said...

I keep a journal too for my thoughts, and I write almost every single day except when I'm too lazy and too comfortable watching tv...lol. In my experiences, writing about my thoughts especially the heavy ones relieves me of the burden and the stress. For me, writing on my journal is very therapeutic. I'm glad to hear that you've now moved on. I think I still have a few chinks on the chain before I can fully move on from one bad break-up.

caryn said...

i used to keep a daily diary when i was younger, but not i always have a sketchbook at hand. hehehe. tool of the trade for me. i use it as a notebook and as an idea book ;-)

but i miss pouring my heart out on paper. hm, ma-review nga ang mga lumang diary!

SASSY MOM said...

I have a notebook on my bedside ... I need to write my random thoughts. That way, I free up my mind.

princess_dyanie said...

i love love journals! until now, i still have one!

i just wrote one note one hour ago in my journal hehe ;)

Nance said...

I used to get angry fast and kept a grudge but thankfully, i grew up! lol
I figured there is no sense of keeping my anger so long, aside from being unhealthy, the person whom i am mad at, might not even know that i am keeping this anger at them, they go their happy ways while i am "stewing"?...so, as soon as i finish arguing with somebody, like a light switch, I will talk to that person like nothing happened...better for my blood pressure, really. ;)


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