random updates!

☼ Health. I am not feeling well. Migraine keeps on attacking me since Monday morning. But I still have to report to work. I am so stress. Problems/challenges still keep on coming into my life these days. Both personal and work related.

☼ WORK. I am busy catching up with my deadlines but it is still manageable.

☼HOME. I am also busy in monitoring the on-going construction work in our soon-to-be new home. We hired three (3) trusted workers/relatives from the province to do the work for us. The works is almost a month already and almost 90% na rin ang natapos nila. Medyo marami din silang inayos. They had findings na yong drainage medyo hindi pala maayos and other materials used eh hindi pala matibay so inayos pa nila yon. It’s just so funny also because I really can’t understand the terms they used. I don’t even have the courage to go to the hardware to buy the materials even if I had the list coz I don’t know what to say if the saleslady asks me anything. Good thing hubby is always to the rescue.

☼ MOTHERHOOD. K.A. is so madaldal and so makulit pero marunong na rin syang bumawi. Marunong syang maglambing. Kapag nakita na nyang medyo naiinis na ako, she hugs me and kisses me a lot. Kakaloko! But that makes me happy.

On the other hand, medyo pasaway lang ang kanyang nanny. Nakagalitan ko and she decided to leave us this coming Sunday. I’m a little bit sad because for sure K.A. will gonna miss her but I know it’s for the good of everybody. After all, hubby already told me last year to fire her for not performing her job well. Medyo nakiusap lang ako to let her stay and give her chance to change and para makatulong na rin kami sa kanya even in a small way. But this time, I gave up!

THE INCIDENT. Good thing no one bothers me yet as of this time. So, maybe the girl just needed some help that time. Thanks God!

That’s it for tonight. I’ll pay you visit as soon as I can.



kg said...

hope you feel well soon blue rose! remember, bad ang stress! :)

hope you find a good yaya soon so that someone can also help you! :)

happy wednesday!

Kayni said...

Feel better soon physically and emotionally. I've been stressed a lot too - about a lot of things - but we can handle anything and everything. So, keep your head up and keep moving forward.

sheng said...

Take your time, everybody goes through that phase, i am busy too... and over stressed too, good thing i have been trying to manage my time so well this days.

REDLAN said...

Cool ka lang Blue rose. Ako rin medyo daming ginagawa at problema. Basta ang health importante. TC and god bless to yur whole family.

witsandnuts said...

Thank you for taking time to update us. We miss you in the blogosphere. Take care!

Purple Ink said...

Hi Blue Rose! Relax - Chill - Breath. I feel guilty for not visiting you in the Office. As usual magulo pa din ang utak ng kaibigan mo, hehehe. Take one day at a time. Luv yah!

Anonymous said...

Sugar! I'm sorry you are under so much stresses. Just know I love you!

princess_dyanie said...

take care my friend! :)

princess_dyanie said...

take care my friend! :)

the donG said...

"K.A. is so madaldal and so makulit pero marunong na rin syang bumawi. Marunong syang maglambing.">>> this is cute.

sana mawala na yung migrane mo. alam ko medyo mahirap nga yang ganyan.

keep yourself busy with work but reserve the weekend for leisure!

Blue Rose said...

@kg: thank you so much! i'm feeling much better today. and i'll gonna have the new yaya tomorrow.

@kayni: yes dear. thank you! prayers helped me a lot. you take care always.

@sheng: thank you sheng. goodluck. soon, pareho na tayong nasa sari-sarili nating bagong tahanan.

@redlan: salamat kaibigan! kapag stress kasi ako migraine ang laging kakambal. *sigh*

@witsandnuts: i miss everyone here too. thank you! bawi ako soon hehehe

@purple ink: luv yah sistah.that's ok. i understand naman.pasyal ka sa bagong bahay namin ha. YM kita kapag confirm na date ng lipat nmin doon.

@javaqueen: thank you so much sweetie.

@princess_dyanie: thank you!

@dong: salamat dong. i'm feeling better now. buti nalang may advil akong karamay sa tuwing umaatake ang aking migraine.

REDLAN said...

thanks sa birthday greeting. dahil ikaw ang unang bumati may regalo ka sa akin. hanap ako this weekend. tapos ibabalot ko sa blusang papel.

cpsanti said...

hey sweetie, sad to hear that you're not feeling well ;-( take care! have a good rest over the weekend!

LOREN said...

Bad days come. And when they come, I remind myself that "this too shall pass away". Take care and God bless!

Nance said...

hirap talaga ng migraine, i used to get them often. dala yan ng stress.
just remember dear, that there are always people out there who are less fortunate than you are so don't let it bother you...sometimes problems have a way of taking care of themselves! ;)

REDLAN said...

Nakaka-miss yung update post mo pero take your time muna. Am pretty sure pagbalik mo marami kang kwento. TC and God bless!

jeanny said...

take care dearie. Missing your regular updates already BR pero take your time. We'll be waiting pag okay na scheds mo!


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