Quick updates!

I’ve been to sick ville again. It all started last weekend. While my sister went home, I took charge of the household choir and the baby sitting.

I got so tired; my body does not seem to cooperate. I had sore throat, and suddenly got a fever on Sunday evening and I chilled. I decided to rest on Monday hoping that the fever will go past. But I chilled again on Monday evening. That made my hubby to panic because I haven’t experienced such thing before. He decided then that we better see a doctor on Tuesday morning just to make sure that swine flu doesn’t hit me. Good thing that the doctor said it was an ordinary flu and I just have to take enough rest. Take some vitamins and plenty of water.

But problem doesn’t ends there. Because as I started feeling better, my daughter started to get fever as well. Her body temperature reached 39.3 degree Celsius. The highest fever she ever had. That made us panicked again. We had to be awake for the whole night to look after her, gave her medicines and wiped her with lukewarm water.

Times like this make me feel sad and wish na sana sa akin nalang lahat ng sakit na nararamdaman ng anak ko. Dobleng hirap kasi kapag sya ang maysakit.

I’m feeling much better now. I still have cough but no more fever. But my daughter still has a fever pero medyo konti nalang. Sana soon gumaling na rin sya.

For the meantime, please bear with me and allow me to fully recover first from this situation. I know I owe you a blog visit. I’ll catch up as soon as I can.

Happy weekend everyone!


REDLAN said...

Ako rin. Pero I can assure you lilipas rin yan. Alagaan ang health. TC!

sheng said...

Take care and I hope you get really well soon.

Kayni said...

feel better and take your time to get well.

princess_dyanie said...

get well soon blue rose and to KA!

drink plenty of water! :)

jeanny said...

Get better soon sis and baby KA. Yeah lots of water will help.

See yah!

iluvgreen said...

hope your baby well get will soon :)

kg said...

do take care blue rose!

miss you! :)

caryn said...

tsk. grabe, lahat ng tao nagkakasakit. ingats ha. good to know you're much better na. hugs!


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