a new mailbox for me please!

Oh yeah, today I would like to take time to say thank you very much to all the people who have been loving me and giving me an inspiration to move on and encouraging me to achieve everything that I want in life. Thank you also to all the blogging friends who have been very nice and supportive to me. You guys made me happy to the next level. Thank you for the understanding that you’ve been giving to me.

Through the years, I already received a lot of mails and gifts from the people close to my heart and from the friends that I’ve only met online. Life is really full of surprises and I really love it. Even on no special occasions my family and friends sent some loots to our office mailboxes for me (because that’s the address I gave to them). And that made me ecstatic knowing that I am just remembered and loved.

Since Christmas time is here and that our office mailbox is starting to get more and more mails for the holiday season, I think it’s better to get my very own wall mount mailbox at home. Besides we really need one mailbox for all our monthly bills and some other important communications. What do you think peeps?

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