Quick note!

Oh, how time flies so fast. It’s already hump day today. Thirty seven (37) days more to go before Christmas. But I feel so tired. I am stressed. I am already burnout. I need a break. I need a vacation to unwind.

I am exhausted but I can’t quit. I know that soon everything will go back to normal. And I also know that despite and inspite of all the challenges and hardship that I am going through right now, I am still very lucky.

I want to share with you a story about the person that never fails to cheer me up. One day, while I am watching television at home my daughter saw me or even feel that I’m tired and I’m a little bit sad. She came to me and said:

KA: Mama, happy ka?
Me: Tahimik lang.
KA: Love mo ako? Bati tayo?
Me: Opo syempre. Love kita at bati rin tayo.
KA: Sige, bigyan kita pera.
Me: Magkano?
KA: Fifty million.
Me: Ha? Ano gagawin natin sa pera?
KA: Bibili tayo sasakyan. Uwi tayo kay lola at kay lolo. Pasyal tayo. Saka kain tayo sa jollibee. Ngiti ka na Mama.

I was shocked. Sobrang daldal na ng anak ko. Pero sobrang nakakatuwa at nakakataba ng puso. With her, I know I am very lucky and I have enough reason to thank God.

On the other note, I already changed my name here. Wala lang, feel ko lang. I’m bored na kasi. Even with my current theme parang nagsasawa na rin ako, so naghahanap na rin ako ng new theme that will suit my taste and mood right now.

Oh sya, ‘til next time. I’ll visit your blog soon. HAPPY HUMP DAY EVERYONE!


kg said...

so sweet!!!! iba din talaga ang mga girls ano? :)

i did notice the change in name. nagulat ako nga ako eh! why eds nga pala? :)

witsandnuts said...

I noticed the change in name. I can relate with the changing of blog theme, I'm like that eh. Lol. Sweet ni KA!

Eds said...

@kg: oo nga, malambing noh. pero sunod gusto ko na rin ng boy. hehehe. *crossing my fingers* why eds? uhmmm... kasi un ang tawag sa akin ng ibang friends ko.

Eds said...

@witsandnuts: hehehe. super sweet nya wits. kakatuwa nya eh.

wala pa rin akong mapiling new theme eh. hehehe

Jeanny said...

the other day you commented on my blog, kala ko kung sinong Eds...hahahha!!!!

Your daughter so sweet. :)

Unknown said...

So sweet! You are very lucky!

Anonymous said...

ang cute! :) kids say the darndest things but they can make you go 'awww...' :)

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