15 on 15: randomness galore!

I planned to write an update on a weekly basis for this year but sad to say, I failed. After my first attempt on drafting my first weekly update, I felt unsatisfied and hit the delete button in my computer.

Now, since it is already half of the month, I’ll just write 15 random updates, rants, thoughts, feelings, advises, and lessons that I felt and I learned for the past 15 days.

Here they are:

► Fear and sadness are still in the air at the office in connection with the rationalization and reorganization happened to our office.

► Our salary for this year decreased. They said the office don’t have enough funds to cover our previous rate.

► As per GSIS online record, my cash advance last 2006 still has a balance of more than half of the principal amount I borrowed considering that the office started to deduct from my salary sometimes in the last quarter of 2006. And that the personnel concerned in deducting and paying my loan wasn’t able to give me any paper on how much the total amount deducted and paid to the GSIS. So, what I can do now is reconcile everything from the payslip and payroll that I have.

♥ For two weeks now, I keep on bringing packed lunch for hubby and I to save us money from buying foods from the nearby fastfood/canteen.

♥ I need some inspiration and motivation. It is so hard to write or do something when you are actually not inspired to do it.

♥ I received a lot of spam emails this January more specifically from persons who asked help about the money left by their wealthy relatives, etc..etc…Feeling ko tuloy malapit na akong yumaman. Hehehe…

♥ My word for the month is “GOSH”. I don’t know why but that is the first word that always comes out with my big mouth. Lol. That’s my expression whenever I got shocked or simple saying my comments to what other people are saying.

♥ I have to double time on reading. My target is to read at least one book a month. And yet I haven’t started reading for this month. Anyway, I still have 15 days more to go.

♥ I got my 2010 planner and yet it is still clean and I haven’t written anything on it.

♥ When my husband asked me what day will February 13 & 14 fall, I thought he will ask me for a date but I was wrong, he will watch slam dank lang pala. *grrr*

♠ Explore as many outlet as I can. Life is full of surprises. There are a lot of ups and downs that I need to deal with. And that having a lot of outlet during those bad times will really help me take things a little bit easier and move on faster.

♠ Never buy anything that will not satisfy my needs & wants. For example, I am planning to buy laptop or netbook computer this year but I am still undecided whether the big one or the smaller one. My sister told me, please do check and think what you really need & want. And do not buy something that will not satisfy you just for the sake of having such thing or for the simple reason that it is cheaper than the other because sooner or later you will realize that you are not happy on what you have.

♠ Don’t give up! With so many trials that is really bothering me lately, I must admit that there are times that I lost hope and almost give up.

But HE whispered to me this one:

“Dear Eds,

Don't give up. Life rewards those who persevere.
I promise you that if you don't give up, ultimately, you will find that open door. It has been waiting for you.

Your Door Opener,


P.S. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Eds , I made you tough.”

(Note: Thanks witsandnuts for the link.)

♠ Stay calm. With a lot of irritants roaming around, I really have to hold my temper. Idaan sa kain ang lahat ng problema, hehehe

♠ Above all, think positive and be positive!

I’m done. Whew, Thanks God it’s Friday again. Tomorrow I am not obliged to wake up very early.

Have a happy weekend everyone!


Kayni said...

Eds, be strong and like you said, finding an outlet is good. Actually, I find writing as a great outlet. Just keep looking forward and hold your head up high. You'll see, all bad things will pass.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Grace de Castro said...

good thing you still manage to think positive! yan ang tamang attitude! keep on praying that things will get better. :)

i agree na you should think about buying what you need versus what you want!


Jeanny said...

yun naman ang key....to be positive at all times though I know minsan mahirap pero thinking na GOd is there to guide us, nothing is impossible di ba.

happy weekend Eds :)

gsc said...

Eds, that is so depressing but do not despair, the Lord is always there for us in all times. I myself am having trouble with stuffs, I cannot get to breathe and relax because I have a lot in my mind lately, gotta lots to settle, but God provides, and God never fails. Trust in HIM and He will direct your path.

witsandnuts said...

To fear is normal. Keep the faith. God will provide. =)

princess_dyanie said...

keep the faith eds and stay strong! :) God is good! :)

nuts said...

haha, natawa ako don sa spam emails.. ganon din ako, di ko alam san ko dadalhin ganon kalaki pera. ang hirap i-convert to pesos kaya pag ganon tema ng email, diko na open, delete na kagad. haha.

the spool artist said...

here's wishing you a very blessed 2010... i'm sure you'll have brighter days to come... just have faith!


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