welcome 2010!

Hey friends, Happy New Year! Time flies so fast and it’s already 2010. 2009 was such a rollercoaster ride for me and so this year I hope and I pray for a better year ahead!

I love writing my resolution, wishes and wants although sometimes it only means setting up myself for failure.

For this year, here goes my random resolution, wishes and wants:

♠ Go on diet and discipline myself to have a daily exercise.
♠ Spend more quality time with the family.
♠ Visit my parents & siblings as well as my in-laws in the province as often as possible.
♠ Read more books.
♠ Save up for the future and for KA’s schooling needs
♠ Blog more often.
♠ Save more to buy car and start a business.
♠ Buy a laptop.
♠ Enroll for a refresher course or to driving class
♠ Reconnect with friends and former classmates.

That’s it. I hope I would be able to accomplish all these things.

Friends, I wish you all the best this year. Let us all keep the positivity alive for 2010! Happy New Year to all! Cheers!


Jeanny said...

Bring it on 2010. Cheers!

RedLan said...

Goodluck sa new year's resolution mo @BlueRose.

witsandnuts said...

Happy new year, Eds!

Grace de Castro said...

happy new year eds! tama ka, let's keep the positivity for this year!

more blessings to you and your family this 2010! :)

princess_dyanie said...

happy 2010! go go go!!! :)

Ibyang said...

good luck on your resolutions. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2010. May you fulfill your goals for this year.

nuts said...

go girl!!! number one sa list ang diet! goodluck na lang hihihi.

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