December 2009 Highlights

December is my favorite month of the year. The Christmas bonus, the Christmas shopping, the Christmas gifts, the Christmas parties and all the Christmas preparations are some of the things that made me love this holiday season. Of course, stress and some unexpected problems are always there but hey set them aside for a while. They are just spices of life!

For this year, December is another milestone for me for some reasons/highlights:

EB with Jeanny. Yeah! Finally, I was able to met Jeanny and had a wonderful chat with her last December 11. For my 31 years of existence, it was my first time to go on EB. At first, I was so afraid that I might just bore her. Mas madalas kasi akong tahimik. But hey, hindi ata kami nauubusan ng kwento at parang ang bilis lumipas ng oras.

Won and received prize from kg’s contest. Thanks God coz kg added two more prizes on her contest and that randomizer favored me this time. I think my new pen name/nick name got me lucky here as well. Hehehe. Thank you so much kg for these:
Lots of gifts. Happiness is for all the gifts that I had received this year. A million thanks goes to:

jeanny for this:

redlan for these:

sheng for this:

my boss and officemates for these (and for some gifts that I failed to take picture):

First Christmas at our new home. This year since it was our first time to celebrate Christmas at our new home, hubby and I decided to ask our family to join us. We let them traveled from the province to be with us on Christmas.

We prepared bags of candies & chocolates for the carolers. On the 24th of December, carolers started to arrive as early as six o’clock in the evening. KA enjoyed a lot. She entertained all the carolers. She danced as the carolers sang. And the funniest part, she shouted wala pang kanta…wala pang kanta…then she requested boom-tarat-tarat. After boom-tarat-tarat, ikaw na nga…ikaw na nga! Hehehe

Then, at around 8 o’clock (since maaga natutulog ang aking Santa Claus) I let her gave all the gifts.
Papicture muna si Santa ha:
For our Noche Buena we had bihon, sandwich, ham, fruit cake, chocolate cake and buko salad. Hubby and I also made sure that we had red wine for the ladies and alfonso for the heavy drinkers (my father & my father-in-law).

Though we only had a simple Christmas celebration at home, the joy/happiness brought about of being together for the celebration is immeasurable.

How about you? I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas celebration too.


witsandnuts said...

Yay for presents and prizes! Happy Holidays!

Grace de Castro said...

wow! daming presents! :)

such a great year for you eds! more blessings for 2010 for you and your family!

shengmarie said...

Wow, Me too, I have a lot to be thankful for...di ko pa napost.

Anonymous said...

wow daming gifts. Alam mo may nakalimutan tayo sa EB nating 2, hindi tayo nag picture. Hay nakalimutan ko kasi naman ang bigat ng dala ko then kwentuhan pa tayo ng kwnetuhan hehehe.

Next time talga mag picturan tayo ha. Happy New Year!

Salamat din sa gift. Sarap sa paa noong slipper. Muah :)

princess_dyanie said...

have a great 2010 ahead! :)

ang cute ni KA!!! pakurot! :P

Kayni said...

wow to all the presents and prizes. my Christmas was quiet. i'll try to post what i'm thankful for this year as well.

happy 2010!

Ibyang said...

what a nice christmas celebration. kudos to you on your first EB :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wooohooo ang daming gifts!

The Cottrill's wants to wish you a prosperous New Year!

RedLan said...

Thanks too Eds! Ang laki na ni KA! Cuter at mukhang makulit.

Happy new year to you and to your whole family. More blessings for the year of the tiger!

Heart of Rachel said...

Those are wonderful presents. Glad you had a meaningful Christmas.

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