Tale of Gold

Childhood memories depict a complex landscape of fondling and adventurous happenings. Such are innocent faces with outmost energy for the lightness of life and the simplicity of things. What made it even more interesting are the stories of heroism, chivalry, fairytales and fantasy shared by the old ones for us to dream and be shielded from corrupting realities of hurt, discouragement and hopelessness. Consequently, I for one have nurtured interest for treasure hunting. The likes of Indiana Jones and The Mummy reminded me of the end-story of finding gold and the richness amidst the struggle.

Gold as symbol of the glory of life and the zenith over all sufferings has been my desire to achieve this very day. To find one seems an evasive reality. It will even take you a lifetime and expertise to master the craft of the search. Amidst these conditions, I have seen gold that is so obvious yet kept sealed from the chest of each ones blinded limitations. It is the gold in everyone. The unveiling of each precious individuality that deemed to celebrate amidst our differences. The gold that we hardly see for focus of non-essential things and for being of-this-world.

I know I still have the days of my life to find the golden ways of living and make myself a golden value to the order of destiny. I believe in the stories of my younger years that I can make, find and spread golden influence in my own special way. I know you can do it also for we are no different for being vulnerable, free and has the capacity to be gold.

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