it's travel time

KG, who is currently enjoying her trip in Hongkong and Macau is having a contest in her blog.

The mechanics: you simply have to create a post stating three of your favorite places that you have traveled to and three places you dream of going to. They can be anywhere in the Philippines or the world. You may also provide a brief explanation as to why these are your favorite places and why you dream of going to these places.

Now for the 3 best places that I traveled to:

♠ Coron and Culion Palawan. My first plane ride destination was in Coron, Palawan and that was in 2002. We headed to Culion then to perform some work related assignments. It was also my first time to see beautiful corals in just 15 feet deep water in Culion.

♠ Calauit Island. My first trip to the zoo was in Calauit Island as well as my first time to see different kinds of animals including giraffe, zebra and a whole lot more.

♠ Boracay. The white beach, the party at night and the friendly people made my trip in Boracay memorable.

And for the 3 places that I dream of going to:

♠ Hongkong. Simple because I really wanted to go to Hongkong Disneyland .

Bohol. I only saw chocolate hills in the pictures and that made me want to go there and see it before my eyes. And also want to see tarsier.

Carabao Island. I actually saw this place featured in television last weekend and it made me wish to visit this place and compare it to the beauty of Boracay.
Yeah, I’m done with my list. Now, go and make your own list.


Jeanny said...

Gusto ko rin sa bohol. Syanag wasnt able to book sa cebu pacific last piso fare nila. hehehe

Unknown said...

Ang yaman ni KG! Ako hindi pa nakakagawa.

shengmarie said...

sana lahat na lang tayo manalo ano....

Kayni said...

great list. i would love to see Boracay and Bohol too.

witsandnuts said...

I also wish to visit Bohol and Carabao Island. =)

Chyng said...

saan ang carabao island?

great pick ang bohol! complete travel destination! ;D

Grace de Castro said...

coron is the best ano? i cant get over it's beauty! :)

i do hope you get to visit Hong Kong na! i just got back and felt so bitin! so fun!

thanks for joining!


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