plan for the weekend

Yeah! It’s Friday once again. And one more good news Monday is a holiday so it’s a long weekend. *cheers*

I do not have any scheduled trip this weekend so I am just going to stay home. Spend some quality time with my daughter. I’ll do some general cleaning. Read some books. And if the means permit me to do so, I am going to buy new shoes for myself.

What are you going to do this long weekend?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


shengmarie said...

i wish i could stay home and do household chores too, only my scheds may not permit!

Grace de Castro said...

it's wendy's family day sa school. so my weekend includes costume making ang attending this event! :)

princess_dyanie said...

Happy long weekend, Eds!! :)

bursky said...

staying home most likely... pero may plano magpasyal sa lunes. hehe. bonding with friends pero di naman lalayo masyado.

i like the new look ha! :) happy long weekend!!!

upto6only said...

magbabasa lang ako ng HP bk7 hehehe para maintindihan ko yung book 2 movie. xmas party din ng camera club namin this monday.

Happy weekend Eds :)

Redlan said...

Badly, We need to clean and fix things. we gonna transfer in a new working place. hanggang monday ang paglilinis. huhuhu. enjoy your weekend eds