Random rants on a Saturday morning

*I thought I am just going to stay home today.

*But my boss requested me yesterday to report to work today.

*And so whether I like it or not and even without pay, I am oblige to do what the boss wants.

*As early as 8 o’clock, I am here in the office but the boss is not yet around.

*I do not know what time he will arrive.

*So for the meantime, I’ll visit your blog and read your updates.

See yah!


Grace de Castro said...

BUMMER! at without pay! naku di pwede yan!

shengmarie said...

bakit without pay? toinks!

upto6only said...

So what time did the boss arrive na? grabe naman yun. Dapat sya ang early dahil cya ang nagpapasok sa iyo.


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