short update and some wishes!

I just came back from my three days official travel from Ifugao. And I so love the place. I’ll finish first my report and will sort my photos then I will share them with you.

For the meantime, allow me to join in Kayni’s birthday blog party. I am not that kind of party person but I love joining virtual parties. Hehehe. And as Kayni turns a year wiser this month, she is very generous to be giving away gifts. I love to have that rabbit omamori and that Hawaiian planner. Wish me luck!

So here’s my take:

For my birthday wishes for this year, though my birthday is still 8 months away, are: good health for the whole family, peace of mind, travel to different places and hopefully a laptop computer.

For my birthday wishes for Kayni are: good health, happy lovelife, more travels and hopefully at least one of her grand wishes in life will come true this year. Ano kaya yon? Care to share kayni? Kapag nagkatotoo na lang siguro. Hehehe.

And from the bottom of my heart and from my family, Kayni, we wish you a Happy-happy Birthday!


kayni said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful wishes, and I also hope all your wishes will come true. As for my grand wish, I hope to have my health back.

Good luck and I hope you'll win.

Grace de Castro said...

wow! you went to ifugao? i love the place! :)

that reminds me to post my wishes for kayni!

PS. eds, i have a new site (my old one is out): kumarenggrace.com. see you there!

Christian Lucas Sangoyo said...

must be one heck of a job! going to ifugao on official travel, how i wish ganyan din work ko =)

Ibyang said...

hello eds!!! wow you've been to Ifugao, how nice!

hope you win in Kayni's bday giveaway!

nuts said...

i hope that all your wishes will come true. :)


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