letter to K.A.

Dear K.A.,

Two years ago, you were born to saw for the first time the light of the world.

We could hardly believe that our little angel were finally right before our eyes after nine months of waiting. It was so amazing!

You made us the happiest person in this world.

You were so tiny and fragile then. We were even afraid to carry you then.

We couldn’t stop staring at you. You really look so adorable.

We were so amazed at how we have created you such a beautiful baby.

We guarded you zealously.

We could hardly sleep because we wanted to watch over your every move. We wanted to attend to all your needs as soon as possible.

Happiness overwhelmed us every time you opened your eyes and seemed to look at us. Even though we knew you couldn’t see us yet, we wanted you to know and feel that we are always around for you.

We didn’t want to leave you. We were scared to leave you home to your nanny during the times that we need to go to work.

We played with you and sang you songs. And we wished you could talk, walk and play with us.

As you grew older, handling you became more and more challenging for us. And yet we are learning lessons from you.

We wanted to mold you into a best daughter.

Days passed by. And you are growing so fast.

Now you are two years old already. Yet you still amaze us in so many ways.

You can now walk, run, talk and play with us. You even know how to dance, sing and imitate what we are doing or talking. You already know how to make sumbong, answers to our simple questions and count 1 to 10.

You are now more assertive. And seem to know what you want. Yet we know that you are still our pretty little baby.

We are so happy whenever you reach for us, kissed us a lot every time we arrived home and let us carry you as well.

We pray to God that you’ll grow up to be a God-fearing lady. We also pray that you be blessed with good health, sharp mind, loving heart, success and happiness all the days of your life.

And pray that God will grant us more years to come so we can be there for you.

We love you so much K.A. We are so proud of you!

Happy 2nd Birthday to you!

Love and care,
Mama & Papa


witsandnuts said...

I felt each word. Beautifully written. Happy birthday to K.A.!

RedLan said...

Pasilip silip lang ako dito kanina. Sobrang busy kasi kami. Bumalik ako ulit at binasa. Iba talaga ang feeling na may anak. nawawala pagod mo. Happy birthday to your baby. Marami pa yang surprises at talent na maipakita sa inyo. Take care of her.

Actually, 2 weeks ko na yan binili ang otap when I went to trappist. Mga monks ang gumagawa niyan. Nakita ko lang siya, hindi ko nga pa natikman dahil first time ko siya binili. Sana masarap. Pabalik balik naman ako sa trappist monastery. Kaya siuguro na delayed ang pagpadala ko dahil good timing at nagkaroon ka ng wishlist. Natatawa ako sa libro, pero first 2 page lang ang nabasa ko. Just enjoy reading while you are in vacation. Kami, sat and sunday balik sa work. Malapit na ang deadline ng Income Tax eh.

Happy birthday ulit sa anak mo.

toni said...

This is so touching and heartfelt!

Happy birthday to your little one.

Purple Ink said...

Happy Birthday K.A.! Happy many returns of the day. I know you're going to grow into one fine lady just like your Mama. Love your Mama and Papa always and keep them proud.

Sis send my hugs and kisses to your baby girl!

sheng said...

Happy Birthday KA, i wish you all the best. Greetings from gensan.

Kayni said...

what a wonderful letter to K.A. happy 2nd birthday and more birthdays to come.

kg said...

happy birthday KA!

princess_dyanie said...

happy bday KA! :)

Jeanny said...

lovely letter. Happy Birthday little princess :)

Nance said...

In a few years, K.A. will be able to read this, and she will be so proud of her mama and papa and will love them even more! You have a nice family, Blue Rose...you are doing the right thing.
Happy B'day to your sweet little angel!

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