What’s on my wish list today?

Wishes are free.
~George Ella Lyons~
You are never given a wish

without also being given the power to make it come true.
You may have to work for it, however.
~Richard Bach~

Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough.
You can have anything in life if you sacrifice everything else for it.
~James Matthew Barrie~

While my mind is pre-occupied with lot of works to do and worries on where to get money to pay all our debts, I am also dreaming to have a copy of these books:

I. twilight series

II. books written by Bob Ong

III. books written by Jane Green

IV. books written by Sophie Kinsella

V. books written by Jennifer Weiner

And how I wish I could talk to a Gene and ask him to grant my wishes now.

Of course donation are very much welcome here. LOL

How about you? What’s on your wish list today?

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princess_dyanie said...

dreams are like muscles! you have to work on it! haha! :)

bluerose, can u email me your mailing address? aheheheh ;P my add is: dyanie12@gmail.com

Kayni said...

same here, i'm also stressed with bills and some people who thinks that i'm just picking up money here...sigh. sometimes, it's so hard to explain to people that i work hard to get paid.

on the lighter side, i'm also a sophie kinsella and jane green fan. i know it's a bad idea, but you can read the twilight series online...don't tell anyone i told you...lol.

sheng said...

I wish you get all your wishes...

Anonymous said...

I hope you get all of your wishes too BR! I just wish for sleep! That's all I want right now. I have to work nights- it's 3a.m. here and I have 4.5 more hours to go until I get to go home and sleep. ;)

Eds said...

@dyanie: yes, i agree with you dear. i already sent you an email. thanks!

@kayni: correct! we're on the same boat indeed. but have to take it easy and just want to keep myself busy reading instead to divert my attention for a while. lol

@sheng: thanks! i know i'll gonna have them soon. hehehe

@javaqueen: thank you so much JQ. take care always. i can't imagine myself working on a night shift. arghhh...

escape said...

you have a long list. from those lists of books i only read one book of bob ong.

i wish for more travel tickets!

witsandnuts said...

I noticed you only wished for the last 3 books of Twilight Saga. You already got the first book? Yes, you can have the e-book also. It's available online.

I wish your wishes will come true. Soon. Right now, I just wish for a good health.

jeanny said...

great set of wishlist!

Mine naman, simple lang just wanted enough time to sleep at this moment :0

Happy Weekend sistah!

Eds said...

@the dong: wow! that's great. mahilig ka talaga magtravel noh. hope your wish come true.

@witsandnuts: actually, kakatapos ko lang basahin ng first book eh. and i felt in love with the bella and edward love story kaya gusto ko magkaroon ng next 3 books pa. hehehe. although meron na akong ebooks kaya lang gusto ko yong pwede kong dalhin kahit saan ako magpunta.

@jeanny: thanks sistah.your wish will be granted soon coz mahaba naman holiday next week. hehehe. happy weekend ahead sis. take care always.

HalfCrazy said...

I really love books too. Looks like you dig chic literature! So girly.

I don't recommend the Twilight Saga but if you really like the chic lit stuff, you'll dig it. I stopped reading halfway the second book. Did not satisfy my tastes.

Out of Bob Ong's books, my favorite is MacArthur.

You might dig Cecelia Ahern's books too.

HalfCrazy said...

My wish list today? When it comes to Music, I want to go to the June 11 concert of the Pussycat Dolls. As for Books, I want "Endgame, 1945".

Marites said...

gusto mo nang ebook ng twilight series, just email me:) mahirap maghanap ngayon ng twilight pero pag matiyaga ka, may makukuha ka. try mo sa ebay. kung hindi naman, tanong mo ang labasan ng bagong books sa mga bookstores (usually weekends, mondays).Ganun ang ginawa namin, we call them and voila! may nakuha kami:)

RedLan said...

Wow dami ha. Mahilig ka talaga magbasa. Ako wala na talagang oras. Hanggang ngayon di ko pa natapos ang 5 people you meet in heaven. Nadiscover ko ang mga libro ni bob ong through my friend. Nirecommend niya. Actualy pinahiram niya ako ng collection niya. Pinakapaborito ko yung may mga ballpen, nakalimutan ko ang title tapos yung mcarthur. yun ang latest. Binili ko tapos basahin at binigay ko sa kanya.

RedLan said...

Curious ako dun sa book ni Sophie Kinsella na Can you keep a secret? Macheck nga kung meron sa nbs niyan. Kelan kayo may work? kami hanggang sunday meron. Sa next week may pasok pa ba kayo?

Eds said...

@halfcrazy: ya, i love chic literature a lot. hehehe. and i think i'm going to like cecilia aherns books too. thanks for your recommendation. i'll put them on my list.

@marites: maraming salamat pero meron na akong ebooks ng twilight series. i like the book so i can bring them everywhere i go. medyo mahirap nga syang hanapin. wala sa NBS ngayon eh.

@redlan: hehehe. ngayon lang. actually, i just keep myself busy reading books para madivert ang attention ko for a while sa samu't saring problemang dumarating sa akin ngayon. *sigh*

sus, sobrang busy ka sa work ah. kahit sunday may work ka pa. ako sa bahay na lang. sobrang magulo pa mga gamit namin so yon ang tatrabahuin ko ngayong bakasyon. tuesday & wednesday na rin lang ang pasok namin next week. thanks God!

LOREN said...

I wish to have more time for blog writing. And I wish that your wishes come true, too, especially the immediate ones. God bless Blue Rose! Hang in there.

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