How’s your week going on so far?

Hey friend, I hope you’re all doing fine and feeling happy.

It’s already Wednesday. So far, I am doing good and feeling happy.

I started the week with the determination to keep myself happy and to only hold on to happy thoughts.

Last Monday, the very first thing that I read is an email that reminds me to be happy. This is what He said:

Dear Eds,
Life is short. One hundred years is
short. So wear your party pants. Be happy. Suck the joy of
every single day I give you.

Be happy,
P.S. Eds, I want you to celebrate and sing.

I was also inspired by the speech given by our boss last Monday about kindness. She said, we must start kindness for ourselves so we can truly extend kindness to others. Another thing that she said and that made me hope to come so soon was her promise that our salary will be revert back to our previous rate.

Yesterday, I was busy. But I was happy and satisfied.

Today, as I start my day He said:

Dear Eds,
Embrace failure. Fail forward. Fail quickly. So that you can start

It's the only road to success.

To your great success,
P.S. Eds, you will succeed. I know.

So, I hope that everything will be fine today and for the rest of the week.

How about you? How’s your week going on so far?


Grace de Castro said...

i'm having a great week eds!

i love the part "I want you to celebrate and sing!" have you sung na eds? :)

Jeanny said...

mine's great.

Keep those positive thoughts coming Eds, thats the spirit!

Unknown said...

We're having a great week too!

nuts said...

so far, it's good though i'm feeling sick now.. but i'm still happy too.. :)

Ibyang said...

thanks for sharing your sources of inspiration...it inspired me too!

have a great week ahead! :)

nuts said...

hello eds, mag update ka na, haha..
btw, me award ako for you..

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