Revisiting 2010 and a hopeful start for 2011

Before I finally close my 2010 chapter, please allow me to look back once again.

First, I’ll evaluate my 2010 new year’s resolutions, wishes and wants and tell you what happened.

Go on diet and discipline myself to have a daily exercise – Sorry but I failed to do this. Eating and sleeping became my outlet whenever things went wrong rather than ranting and ranting which will just make the situation worst.

Spend more quality time with the family –whenever times permit me to do so, I always stay with my family and spent quality time with them especially with my daughter. We got lots of bonding time last year.

Visit my parents & siblings as well as my in-laws in the province as often as possible – Ohh…ohh…I haven’t travelled this year. I miss them so much but my schedule doesn’t permit me to visit them. Sorry folks, may this 2011 be a little bit friendlier for us than last year.

Read more books – oh yeah! Of course, I was able to accomplish this one. I’ve done reading 6 books by Sidney Sheldon, 3 books by Mitch Albom, 2 books by Nicholas Sparks and 5 ebooks by Ruth Ann Nordin.

Save up for the future and for KA’s schooling needs – Sorry but with all the financial trouble that I went through, saving up for her schooling needs became impossible for me. I am just lucky to have enough money to cover all our expenses. But hopefully this year, everything will be much better.

Blog more often –Though I did not update my blog as often as I want, I think it is still reasonable to say that I was able to maintain my blog last year.

Save more to buy car and start a business –No saving for that car that hubby and I wanted. But towards the end of the year, my sister and I were able to start the business that we planned to do.

Buy a laptop –ooh…oohh again. No laptop for me yet.

Enroll for a refresher course or to driving class – My time and my financial conditions does not permit me to enroll for a refresher course last year. And as to that driving class, I am no longer interested. After I witnessed the accident and saw the driver died on the spot, I decided not to pursue to enroll in any driving class.

Reconnect with friends and former classmates – sad to say, I did not exert an extra effort to reconnect with them. I only contacted my former teachers and exchange some updates with them.

Next, let me share to you 5 things that hurt me and made me worried a lot but at the same time made me keep quiet just to make things easier for everyone:

♠ The transition period at work.
♠ The controversies faced by our office.
♠ The financial crisis that we went through.
♠ The dengue that hits KA.
♠ The accusation of some military men to my brother as an NPA informant.

Then, of course, if there were lots of not so good things happened, there were also good things that I should be thankful for 2010 and here are few of them:

♠ I am thankful for my good health.
♠ I am thankful for the full support that my husband gave.
♠ I am thankful for my daughter that never fails to cheer me up.
♠ I am thankful for the understanding and love that my family showed.
♠ I am thankful for lots of friends including those online friends who were there to support me morally, spiritually and sometimes financially.
♠ I am thankful for I still have my job and my boss picked me again to be his support staff.
♠ I am thankful for all the gifts that I received this year.
♠ I am thankful for all the books that I had read and for those waiting in my shelves to be read.
♠ I am thankful for all the strength and for surviving lots of challenges that I encountered.
♠ Above all, I am thankful for God that did not abandon me and never gets tired of me even if sometimes I forgot to talk to Him.

Finally, as much as I love writing my resolution, for this year, I don’t want to make a list of the things that I want to happen or accomplish. I just live my life a day at a time. And will enjoy everything that comes along my way, face all the challenges that I will encounter and above all trust God with all my heart for I know He always has a good reason for everything.

I believe and I know it in my heart that 2011 will be going to be a better year for all of us. So friends, I wish you all the best for this year. Let us always keep the positivity in ourselves alive! A prosperous 2011 to all!


princess_dyanie said...

Cheers for a brighter 2011! :) Hello KA! :)

Grace de Castro said...

i'm praying for a better 2011 for you eds! :)

did you notice that your "blessing" list was still longer than your "woes" list? God is good. :)

Eds said...

@princess_dyanie: cheers!

@grace: thanks kg! ya, God is great!

shengmarie said...

Eds, may you have a brighter 2011 ahead of you!

Jeanny said...

Have a fab 2011 sis. Hope to see you soom :)

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