Trying to get back to regular blogging again!

I must admit that after a very long absence in blogging world, it is very hard to go back to blogging once again. For the past months, my mind was pre-occupied with a lot of work and personal concerns. Although, there were many times that I attempted to write my feelings and concerns, I always ended up hitting the delete button after composing few sentences.

Anyway, I think randomness will save my day.

1. Work still keeps me busy. Everything is always on “RUSH”.
2. Despite having a hard time with this pregnancy, I was able to travel twice to Baguio City as my work required me to do so. But let go those other official travels especially in Ifugao, Mountain Province and Visayas Region for safety reasons. Sana nga lang next year meron ulit ganung opportunity para makapagtravel na ako!
3. I’m on my 7th month already. 2 more months to go and I am going to see how this little baby inside my tummy looks like.
4. My precious KA surprised me for making it on top 2 during the 1st quarter. She really made me a proud mama. Love you so much ate!
5. I’ve got hard time finding a new nanny for KA too. That made me realized na mahirap pala talaga maging working mom. And made wish na sana I can afford to be an stay-at-home-mom nalang. Pero malabong mangyari unless manalo ako sa lotto.

Happy Monday Everyone! I did miss you friends a lot.


Kayni said...

I didn't know you're pregnant. Congratulations and much love from me.

upto6only said...

wow congrats naman. now i know why you can't drink coffee. di bale 2 months to go and pwede na ulit. Ingat always.

Anonymous said...

grabe, andami na naming na-miss! and you're pregger din pala (like me. haha!)! :)

basta, work hard para sa family. yun ang important ngayon diba? ;) and yes, pareho tayo ng wish -- ang manalo sa lotto.

balatuan kita pag nagkatotoo! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh wow on your 7th month! that is so cool! it must be hard being pregnant and having to do so much work. pero kaya mo yan! btw, i'm super excited to see your dear santa i've been good post up. the cut off is over the weekend and hopefully you can squeeze it in this week to make it :) exciting!

Grace de Castro said...

lapit na eds! may you continue to stay healthy para sa delivery ng kapatid ni KA!

Shai Coggins said...

It is hard to get back, isn't it? But, once we get back in to the rhythm, it's really nice. So, I do wish you well with blogging again! :-)

witsandnuts said...

Ate na pala si KA! Malapit na lumabas ang new baby. :)

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