Organizing my database system!

I love dealing with different kind of personality. I am thrilled.

For the past four years of my stay here in my current work, I already established my contacts. I already created my own database. And I am trying to segregate them via different category.

I already labeled some as our consumer mailing lists or our regular contacts. They are our partners in almost all of our projects. They are people who help us in implementing our projects on the ground.

I also created my list brokers or our regular bidders. In purchasing supplies and materials or any transactions that involve large amount of money, we are required to have three canvasses and having that list of bidders is a big help.

Another list that I created is our marketing list or our contacts when we need venues for different activities.

But aside from work related database that I already created, I also have for my personal contacts. I started writing them when my first sim card was blocked that I almost lost all of their numbers. Now, whatever happens I still have a back-up.

I know I still have to know a better way in organizing my database. Can anyone help me on this? I’m so happy to learn more!

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sheng said...

Napakamakata mo pala...


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