Breaking the silence!

Oh yeah. i'm back!

so many things were happening here all at the same time and i don't know just where to start. A lot of to do things are still waiting at my desk right now so I think i'll make this pretty quick. In bullets again…….

♥ work is a killer for all of us in the unit/department this month. We are all very busy. Implementation of different programs and projects are simultaneously on going. And the boss doesn’t know how to say no to an additional work being assigned to him. So we don’t have a choice but to support him. *sigh*

♥ last September 1, we were the overall in-charge during the opening of our peace month celebration. very tiring but our consolations are the success of the said event and we were able to met Gary Valenciano in personal.

♥ another activity being handled by our unit is currently happening in Baguio City. Sad to say, hindi ako nakasama sa trip.

♥ and yesterday, I was able to met Diether Ocampo. Gwapo as in! kinilig ako, kaloka! hehehe

Uhmm, i guess these are all for today. i'll catch up with your blogs as soon as I can! And thank you everyone for your comments on my previous post. I miss you all! *mwuah*


witsandnuts said...

Life is fair, despite your very busy schedule eh star studded ang buhay mo ngayon. =) Take care!

kg said...

i bet meeting these celebrities made up for the hard work! he! he! happy weekend blue rose!

jeanny said...

papa diet..ilabu!!!hahahah

ang swerte :)

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