quick hello!


Hello friend. Hello world. Hello universe. Hello everybody.

September is the busiest month for all of us in the department/unit. A lot of activities are simultaneously happening. We were actually obliged to render overtime most of the time just to finish everything. For the whole week last week, I went home late at night. And report to work on a weekend as well. Grabe, Nakakastress! Nakakadrain! But I had no choice because that was part of my work. And besides, hindi naman sa lahat ng oras ganito kadami ang workload ko.

A very busy schedule made me lost my sanity and made me miss a lot of things. I miss playing with my daughter because she was already asleep when I reached home. I miss bloghopping. I miss current updates from you friends. I miss my farm. I can’t even recall the last time I visited there. I miss plurking. I miss taking nap during lunch break. I miss reading books. And above all, I miss you all friends.



Kayni said...

hang in there! i'm sure after this, we'll be ready for some REAL RESTFUL weekends.

take good care.

kg said...

baliktad tayo blue rose. kami naman onti ang work these past few days!

when that is over, take a long vacation! :)

RedLan said...

Pareho tayo. medyo busy. hindi rin ako makapag nap.

Uy, kamusta? Sana hindi kayo nabahaan dyan. Keep safe.

witsandnuts said...

Take your time. We'll miss you, too! I hope you and your family are safe after the typhoon.

Jeanny said...

pareho tayo bust this month. Lagi ka pala OT rin kaya pla I saw you online sa ym ng late na hehehe.

After that draining deadlines, mag relax naman sis nakakapagod talaga kasi pag lagi.

See yah!

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