Gold Coin as an additional collection!

I am the type of person that really don’t want to keep things when I feel like I will not going to use them. Things might simply goes to the trash can or when things can still be use I rather give them to people whom I think really appreciate it or will going to use it than keeping it in my stockroom.

But when I discovered things about my collections of keychain last year, I felt very happy thinking the stories behind each of them. And as I told you my favorite among them is the one from Spain and my second favorite is the gold one or the one which is gold platted from Cambodia.

Then lately, I found myself busy collecting books which are usually a chic literature or a romance novel. They are my comfort when I am very stress at work.

And as of this moment, as I am browsing the net I saw some gold coins being offered for sale. I can’t help myself imagining having that gold coins in my very own hand or at least a single gold coin in my wallet as my lucky charm.

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kg said...

i heard in the news that some businessmen [not in the Philippines] want to sell gold coins through vending machines. imagine that!

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