Today is the big day – Election Day! Today is the most controversial day but also the most important day for all the Filipinos. Coz today, we, Filipinos will be deciding who will lead our country for the next 6 years.

Our mission for today is to think & choose well. It is actually my first time to vote and I am excited about it. Medyo malayo nga lang ang precinct ko, but still I really need to cast my vote. Sa ating mga kamay ngayon nakasalalay ang kinabukasan ng ating mga anak, ng ating pamilya, ng ating bansa - nating lahat!

I hope that amidst all the controversies, confusions and everything, we will still have a clean, honest & credible election. And I am also praying that we may have a peaceful and orderly election.

Now, let’s GO OUT and VOTE PEOPLE!


Kayni said...

i've just been watching the results on online news. i'm nervous.

Grace de Castro said...

i did eds! :)

Ibyang said...

my husband voted too :) praying that all will be well especially now that the counting of ballot has started.


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