Randomness on a Holiday Wednesday

*I love my work. I love what I am doing. But lately work really stressed me a lot.

*I know it is not good for me especially at this moment that there’s someone inside me who is also affected.

*But no matter how I tried to be cool and take it easy, my work always bothers me.

*There were times when I woke up in the wee hours of the night just thinking how to proceed, what to do first for everything seems to be on rush.

*Deadlines are just few days away. Holiday break is soon to come. And not making it to the deadlines will definitely not make me happy as well as my boss.

*Soon, I am also going to file my maternity leave. Time really flies so fast. And I just can’t leave unfinished assignments.

*So, despite me wanting to stay home and be with my little darling KA this holiday, I decided to report to work. Hoping that being alone at my workstation and that no distractions to expect today, I am going to finish at least 1/3 or ½ of my current pending workload.

*Just wish me luck guys!


Grace de Castro said...

hi eds! i know how stressful work can be. try to "breathe" sometimes, lalo for your baby. :)

ang bilis lang ng 9 months! manganganak ka na! stay healthy eds!

Kayni said...

hang in there. i understand the stress related to work but don't let it get to you. take it one day at a time. take good care.

Kayni said...

Hi eds, do send your mailing address and list by Dec.2 to misskayni at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Ay mahirap ang ma-stress baka makaapekto kay baby. Baka need na mag-unwind.

Magandang araw sa'yo! Napadaan lang.

escape said...

i too had some experience of that. i think it's quite normal. but the important thing is the fact that we still move forward.

shengmarie said...

It's a good thing i am still not in that kind of situation but i soon will, but eds, take all things in stride. Breathe a little.

upto6only said...

Merry Christmas Eds!!!

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